hydrogel eye patch

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You don’t know it yet, but these hydro gel under eye patches are the gel patches you’ve been waiting for. 🦄 Gone are the days of those dirty or dried out Amazon gel patches. 🙅‍♀️ These Korean made hydro gel undies are packed in a sterile environment, so you can rest assured that no bare hands have touched them before yours.🧤The zip lock package is designed to keep the moisture locked in. After all, nothing feels better than a pair of fresh undies. These eye patches also come with pre-cut slits so you don’t have to DIY your gel patches anymore. Our undies come in two different sizes, so they will fit your client’s cheeks perfectly. Ps, the hydro gel offers an under eye beauty treatment to your clients while they get their lashes done.🧖‍♀️ So, are you in love yet?

Facts about this product: 
☑️ 10 pairs per package
☑️ 2 different sizes 
☑️ packed in a sterile environment
☑️ expiry date included 
☑️ pre-cut slit for better fitting 
☑️ lightly scented
☑️ made in Korea

☑️ lil undies: 5.7cm in length 2.1cm in width 
☑️ undies: 7cm in length 2.9cm in width

Tips about this product: 
💡 always keep the gel patches in its original zip lock package to prevent loss of moisture.
💡 keep gel patches extra fresh and cool, store them in the fridge.
💡 they work best paired with Untamed Artistry under eye tapes.