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11 April 2022

High-Paying Lash Clients Aren't For Everyone

High-Paying Lash Clients Aren't For Everyone

In this episode ofUntamed byUntamed Artistry, the spotlight is on high-paying clientele and whether they are the right fit for you and your lash business.

There are different levels and tiers in the industry—and one isn't better than the other. Lash Artists can not remain authentic to themselves if they aren’t servicing the clientele that naturally fits.

Today’s conversation centers on everything that goes behind attracting and keeping a type of clientele who expect more. 

AnneMarie Lorenzini, Managing Director at Untamed Artistry, is one Lash Artist whose clientele is affluent. She shares practical advice to help you decide if a high-paying clientele is right for you, and if so, how to attract and keep them.

AnneMarie also shares:

  • What a high-paying clientele is like
  • General price points
  • Pros of targeting high-paying clients:
    • They respect an artist who goes above and beyond, and they will happily pay for that service.
    • They are extremely loyal once trust has been established.
    • They come consistently; lashes are not a luxury but part of their lifestyle.
    • The connections made with these clients expand your network.
    • They’re resourceful and helpful.

  • Cons of targeting high-paying clients:
    • There’s more of an expectation to accommodate them.
    • They expect you to pay attention to the details, giving them the customer experience they desire, even if they don’t actually say it. They’re paying premium prices for the service, so they expect premium service.
    • Difficult to attract high-paying customers because they can choose any artist or salon. You have to work hard to cultivate this type of clientele.
    • They place a high value on their time, so if you keep them waiting, or they experience issues that take up their time, they probably won’t return.
    • Quick turnaround time, diligence, and handling situations right away are essential. Making excuses won’t work with them. The more professional you are, the more they will respect your expertise.
    • As a new Lash Artist, the upfront expense of creating the right setting is costly.

  • Tips to know if a high-paying clientele is the right target audience for you:
    • Assess the cons.
    • Consider the expectations and whether you will be able to realistically meet them.
    • Location and aesthetics are important.
    • Do you have the soft skills to deal with these types of clients? 

  • Finally, AnneMarie reveals the type of marketing that attracts affluent clients.

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