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Here at Untamed Artistry, we believe in not only being kind to ourselves and one another—but also being kind to the planet.

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We recognize the amount of waste produced in the lash world and want to lead in our mission to do better. As a company, we hold great potential for change and we're up to the challenge of pushing ourselves towards environmental and social sustainability in our industry.


same pricing.

We’ll take on the extra costs of integrating planet-friendly materials so that you can shop just like you always have, without an inflated price tag.


We’re committed to providing you with impactful sustainability tips and tricks on handling your UA products, reducing your carbon footprint, and more.

ethical partners.

We strive to partner with factories that agree to a rigorous code of conduct, complete relevant certification, and promote fair labour practices.

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We’re here to do better by adopting more sustainable packaging materials, printing methods, and shipping processes while exploring other avenues where we can make a positive impact. And, of course, we are here to provide transparency on our process along the way.

We wouldn’t be UA without our desire to constantly learn and grow alongside you. As your trusted study buddy for all things lashes, we are inviting you to stand alongside us in our pursuit of a more sustainable industry.

How We're Staying

quality materials.

Since we put so much love and care into developing our products, you can use them to their full potential while reducing waste.


We use packaging materials that are recyclable, compostable, or reusable when able while looking into where these materials are sourced.

giving back.

We believe in doing good in every sense of the word and give back to various initiatives in meaningful ways.


We’re dedicated to an ongoing greater understanding of where all elements of our products come from on their way to you.


Sustainability is supporting initiatives and acts aimed at preserving resources and is broken down into four distinct areas: human, social, economic, and environmental. Sustainability is crucial as it improves the quality of the world and preserves natural resources for future generations. At UA, we provide this support by utilizing packaging and manufacturing practices that are kind to our planet while simultaneously supporting the people and communities that manufacture our products. These opportunities ensure a long-term, healthy society. We believe that our relationship with the earth, people, and business is essential, and we want to protect them so that future generations can thrive.

UA is starting by switching to more environmentally friendly packaging materials, sustainable printing practices, and shipping methods. We are working with our manufacturing partners to help reduce waste throughout our supply chain. These changes take time, but UA is committed to helping improve our environmental impact.

With over 90% of our product packaging recyclable, we can reduce landfill waste significantly. By purchasing products that support sustainability efforts, you too can make an impact within your own business.

You can happily dispose of all recyclable materials in the recycle bin.

Our biodegradable packing peanuts dissolve in water as the organic compounds begin to break down- taking only a few minutes for the pellets to dissolve completely! Since bio-peanuts are made from natural, plant-based starches, you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment once they wash away. We recommend putting them in the base of your sink and allowing them to dissolve as you wash your hands or clean your tweezers to minimize water waste.

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