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Elevating the

Lash Equation

Your success is our mission. We curate community and nurture lasting relationships. It starts with you + creativity + elevated products.

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Elevating the

Lash Equation

Your success is our mission. We curate community and nurture lasting relationships. It starts with you + creativity + elevated products.

It’s our job to nurture lasting relationships and actively listen to what you have to say! We’re thrilled to share our innovative new approach to meeting the needs of the community we serve. Our newest products are a reflection of our evolution as a community. We are so honored to share the experience with you.

New Products

Centered Around You

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New Lash trays

Customize Your Client’s Experience

The lashes of your dreams are here! Level up with our new selection of different finishes; versatile curls; expanded length range; and diverse diameters. The possibilities are endless. We’ve also remixed our mixed trays. Our artist inspired collection offers more of your go-to lengths and fewer trendy sizes so wasting lashes is a thing of the past. No Magnets, no plastic coating, no gimmicks. Our industry-first truly recyclable traysare one big leap towards sustainability.

Innovative assortment Minimized waste Recyclable
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Pre-made volume fans

Elevate + Expand Your Artistry

Elevate + expand your artistry with our innovative pre-made volume fan collection. Faster application means shorter appointments! Say hello to working smarter, not harder. Minimalist packaging to support our journey towards a more sustainable industry!

4D, 6D, 8D & 10D C, CC, D, M 9 lengths
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Your Fave Tweezers with a Twist image
New tweezers

Your Fave Tweezers with a Twist

Includes two updated tweezers – Pitch Perfect and Down to Fan – now with microgrip. Our innovative new design supports a strong grip without the tension, say goodbye to muscle strain! Get precision + control for artists of all skill levels with a twist on the traditional tweezer.

Microgrip Precision & control
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We embrace the diversity of our community and provide artists with tools to cater to their clients unique needs


We’re focused on innovation that’s developed with lash stylists varied preferences, styles, and cultures at the core.


Supporting artists of all levels- whether you’ve been in the industry for 10 years or are picking up your tweezers for the first time.


We’re here to do better. Our commitment is clear—reduce waste and keep lash products out of landfills.


We are thrilled to be announcing the latest addition to our sustainability initiative which includes changing our lash trays to be 99.5% recyclable! By far the most challenging product in our lineup to adapt to an environmentally friendly packaging but one we couldn’t be more proud of! This innovation has completed our sustainable packaging initiative started over a year ago. Simply peel off the Untamed Artistry sticker at the top of the tray and toss right into the recycling bin! 

Did you know the average full time lash artist goes through over 10+ trays a week which is over 480 trays a year? When you purchase UA products you’re helping reduce the lash industry's contribution to the billions of pounds of waste the beauty industry creates each year.

We’ve got two new finishes! Our latest innovation for lashes means you finally can offer your clients the ultimate in customization! Our lashes now come in both Satin + Matte finishes, both are buttery soft with the same perfect taper you’ve come to know and love. We’ve even added M curl to the roster so you can create luxe, liner looks that are all the rage.

We’re so glad you asked! Matte as you can guess is a no shine, ultra velvety new finish that’s a true rich black. It’s also a brand new, industry first new fiber that’s especially durable, soft, and ultra buttery. Satin finish is a silky, softly reflective fiber.  Not too shiny, while not totally matte it’s the perfect in between. You can even mix both finishes together for extra dimension and customization!

This is a completely new innovative approach to premade fans! Inspired by artists like you, our premades offer flawless symmetry, snatched bases, come in a variety of curls, and come in a variety of dimensions, even up to 10D in .03 for all you mega volume masters. We wanted to bring you innovative new products that support your endless creativity and elevate your artistry! 

This unique system includes a silicone mat that fits our Maven X UA tile to allow you to choose how you work with your premades! Mix lengths, curls, and diameters with ease, saving time and eliminating waste.

Microgrip is an innovative new tweezer technology that features a precision etching that increases both grip and reduces tension in our Pitch Perfect and Down to Fan tweezers. This allows for the perfect, precision closure to grip even the juiciest volume fans and premades! Artists who helped us in the development and testing of our new Microgrip tweezers reported reduced hand fatigue, more efficient lash pickup, and even more control during lash removals. Because it’s a precision etching there’s no risk of wearing down the finish like other tweezer coatings.


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