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03 September 2021

Can You Get Lashes When You Are Pregnant?

Can You Get Lashes When You Are Pregnant?

Getting lash extensionsisn’t just self-care… It's aconfidence booster, and amajor TIME SAVER🙌. This is why it’s no surprise that pregnant women and mothers love getting their lashes done. But then again, who doesn’t love getting stunning eyelashes!? 

When a mommy-to-be🤰 books a lash appointment with you for the very first time, you’re probably struggling to decide🤔

...To lash her

...Or not to lash her? 

We do see many pregnant women getting their lash extensions done, so is it appropriate and safe?Lash nerds, stick around until the end because in today’s blog👇, we’ll be breaking down all the factors to consider in this situation to help you make your decision! 

Consult with Her Doctor

It’s important to always recommend pregnant clients to consult with their obstetrician or family physician first. Every doctor has different recommendations for their pregnant patients, especially since every pregnancy is unique. Therefore, it is critical that for the safety of each expecting client, they ask for approval from their physician prior to receiving any beauty service. You may also request they provide a doctor’s note approving these services. Some physicians may be more comfortable with their patients getting eyelash extensions, while others may not. 


There are currently no studies or evidence on whether or not it is completely safe for expecting mothers to get their eyelashes done, and so it is your responsibility to ensure that the client understands all risks. We recommend having awaiver form and client intake formfor clients to sign off on so that you have a record that they have read over and understood all the potential risks, and agree to get their eyelashes done in your salon.

You’ll also want to educate them that during pregnancy, hormone changes can affect their hair and natural eyelashes. As a result, natural eyelash shedding may be more frequent than normal meaning there is a chance that they will need to see you more often for refills, and so we recommend informing them to manage their expectations about their lash shed.

Lashing Position

The lashing position that we are most comfortable and familiar with as lash artists is typically when the client lays on their back on the treatment bed or recliner. Most clients have no issues laying on their back for a couple however, for pregnant clients, this isn’t the case. With expecting clients, after the first trimester, it’s best that they do not lay on their back for long periods of time. As the baby grows, laying on the back can lead to issues with blood flow to the baby, and blood circulation for the mother. 

Instead of having your client lay on their back, try having them lay on their side with their head tilted. To go an extra mile, prepare a pillow for them to place between their legs - this adds comfort while they’re laying on their side during the lash appointment. 

Schedule More Breaks 

Pregnant women may require more frequent changes in position during the lash appointment so that they’re always comfortable and to keep blood circulation. We recommend scheduling in an extra 30 minutes for pregnant clients so that every 10-15 minutes your client may sit up to stretch or switch positions. Pregnant clients may also need to use the bathroom more often since their body produces extra fluids. Always make your client comfortable by letting them know you scheduled in extra time for midlash stretching or breaks.

Remember, whether or not you choose to lash your expecting client also depends on YOUR comfort level. If you’re not comfortable lashing pregnant clients- that’s okay! Even if your client insists and has received a green light from their physician, you may choose to refer them to another service provider who is comfortable with and has experience lashing pregnant clients.

We understand that beauty services are a pampering session for the mother and completely relate to them wanting to get their lashes done, so that they look good, feel good, AND can save time putting on makeup in the mornings. Yes, it’s definitely a little more work and time on our end, but being able to help an expecting mother feel sooooooo beautiful and confident with YOUR handcrafted set of eyelash extensions is always worth it🤗(as long as it’s safe to do so). 

Stylist tip: Maintain adequate air flow in the lashing room, and always usefresh adhesive (+ refresh glue dots often) to reduce their exposure to the gas.

Thanks for geeking out with us!  🤓
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