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10 September 2021

Best Lash Extensions: What Qualities To Look For When Buying Lashes

Best Lash Extensions: What Qualities To Look For When Buying Lashes

Have you ever felt frustrated with your lash supplies😫

When you’re lashing for hours with lash extensions that just aren’t cooperating, you feel discouraged, burned out and just annoyed, right!? Did you know that using good quality lash extension trays can actually make a significant difference in your work AND save you time? 

Today, we’re serving up some TIPS when it comes to selecting the BEST lash extensions for you and your business🎉! Read until the end because you’ll want to use all the tips as a guide for your next inventory replenishment. 

Grab your notebook, and let’s get started! 

Here’s what to look for when hunting for the best lash extensions on the market:

The Lash Extension

1. High Quality PBT
Most lash extensions are made from a raw material called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), which is a type of plastic fiber. PBT is used because it has many desirable attributes that make it a perfect fit for lashes. The industry can agree that best lash extensions are made with handcrafted, high quality PBT from Korean manufacturers as they are well-known in the industry for their ability to create AMAZING lashes. Their expertise in the industry not only allows them to create quality lashes, they’re also capable of designing innovative lashes and products. This is why atUntamed Artistry, we always work hand in hand with our Korean manufacturer forour lashes which are created by lash nerds, for lash nerds!🤓

2. True to Size

The moment you try good quality lash extensions, you’ll notice that they are true to size, and every extension on the strip is also consistent in size (diameter, length). A huge struggle for many lash artists, and a major time waster is when lash artists make their perfectly symmetrical volume fan to find that one or two extensions slipped out of the boot of their tweezer. The culprit of this highly annoying issue is that the extensions are not consistent in size, and those lashes that are thinner than the rest can easily shift, or even slide out. Very frustrating, we know!! However, withquality lash trays that have strict quality control where extensions are consistently true to size, lash artists save so much time because no volume fan is wasted! 

3. Sheen

Did you know that most clients prefer semi-matte lashes over glossy ones? This is why you’ll now see that most brands carry semi-matte lash extensions - they’re the most popular ones! The use of glossy extensions can make a lash set appear more artificial since they resemble plastic more than real eyelashes. Semi-matte extensions mimic the sheen of real hair and lashes and so lash sets created with them are much more natural.

4. Hue

For the longest time, many manufacturers were not able to create extensions that are true black in colour. A couple years back, most had a blue tint to them. Clients and lash artists would be able to see the blue tint especially clear under natural sunlight, again, making them appear less natural. Now, most high quality lash extensions are finally true black in colour with no tint.

5. Lash Porosity

Did you know that lash porosity affects retention? The more porous the lashes, the stronger the attachment you get🤩! Not only is lash porosity important for natural lashes, it’s also the same for lash extensions. Lash extensions made from quality raw materials, and are much more porous so that lash artists can craft long-lasting lash sets! Didn’t know that great lash extensions could help with retention? Well, now you know😉!  

6. Curl

The best lash extensions are the ones that retain the original lash curl, and these are the ones that usually go through an intensive double-heating process to achieve this. You won’t see the extensions gradually flatten even after a couple weeks of wear, and especially when they’ve been untouched in your lash trays. Using good quality lashes will prevent you from having to repurchase lash trays whenever the extensions lose the true curl!

7. Softness (flexibility)

Not only do lash extensions need to have qualities that make lashing easier, qualities that make them favourable for clients are just as important. Lashes that are soft and flexible are much more comfortable for clients. When the extensions are soft like real hair, oftentimes clients find them so comfortable that they don’t even feel them on their eyes. 

The Packaging and Details - because this matters too. 

1. Stickiness of Strip

The sticky strip beneath the extensions is also something to be picky about! For volume lash artists who love crafting their fans on the strip, you KNOW just how important it is for it to have the perfect stickiness. Brands like UA go through rigorous testing with numerous lash artists to ensure that the sticky strip is perfect for all types of fanning techniques, as well as general ease of lash pickup. 

2. Sticker Backing of Strip

Time is money! Have you ever used lash strips where it wasted you SO much time trying to remove the strip and all the sticker residue off your lash tile? Sure, some lash artists teach hacks for easier removal using different cleaning products, BUT wouldn’t it be way more convenient to simply remove the strip easily with NO residue!? The best lash strips likeours have a foil back sticker so that removal is quick, easy, and causes no mess whatsoever.🤗

3. Labeling

Have you ever used lash strips without any labeling!? We know we have, and boyyyyy it can be crazy confusing if you forget to label them yourself.😵 We know labeling takes up time, and for that reason all of our lash strips are clearly marked and labeled - yep, we always have you lash nerds in mind!

4. Densely Packed

Quality lash trays not only have their packaging with you in mind, they are also densely packed with the best lashes! This way, you’re getting the BIGGEST bang for your buck. Can we all agree on this!?

Lash nerds, we hope that these tips will help guide you in selecting lash extensions that are not only a dream to work with, but will also save you time and money. Furthermore, your clients will LOVE their lashes just as much as you do! It’s time to walk away from the lashes that haven’t been working for you and get your hands onthe best lash extension trays that will make your life so much easier! 

At UA, we pride ourselves in creating the best lash products for lash nerds just like you.🤓 When we developed our lash extensions alongside our experienced manufacturer, we took into account ALL of the above qualities. We’re proud to say that ourUA lash extensions have everything you’d want them to have - the colour, sheen, softness, curl retention, porosity, packaging faves, etc. Our goal is to help our community grow🙌, thrive, and love what we do! This is why we always work closely with all our manufacturers, and even users just like you in order to customize products that make our job easier, and better. 


Alrighty lash friends, thanks for geeking out with us 🤓! 

Want to learn more about lash extensions🙋‍♀️? Check out our blog on all the eyelash extension types where we go into detail explaining the differences for you! 

Check back with us soon! We have more to share with you 

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