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21 June 2021

Biggest Mistakes Lash Artists Make When Starting Their Lash Businesses

Biggest Mistakes Lash Artists Make When Starting Their Lash Businesses

Hey lash nerds! This week we’re exposing some hard truths 😶... We hate to break it to ya, BUT we also know that many of you need to hear this NOW so that you can avoid them, OR make the changes asap to build & grow your thriving lash biz!

In this blog, we’ll be sharing the  biggest mistakes lash artists make starting their business. You'll even find that these are true no matter where you are in your lash biz journey! Mistakes are mistakes, but we learn from them! Don’t fret because we've got solutions for you - yup, we're here for you 😉!


Mistake #1: creating marketing assets rather than spending time on sales-generating activities.

Branding is important, but I’m sure you can agree that it takes a looooong time. Once you start, you just know that you’ll be going down the rabbit hole and spending hours... days... even months perfecting everything.

What new lash techs can do instead: Spend MORE time on what gets you direct sales!

  • improve your lash skills (practice, practice, practice!).
  • network with your ideal clients whether it be on social media, in-person, or even both!


Mistake #2: wasting time copycatting what others are doing on social media rather than having a real social media strategy.

We know how tempting it can be to copy someone else who "seems" to know what they're doing. But... what if they also don't have a clue about social media 🧐?

What new lash techs can do instead: Learn how to properly market your own biz.

Did you know that there’s actually a ton of FREE resources online such as blogs (like these 🤓) and youtube videos (like ours 😉)!? If you’ve been through all the free content, try investing in an online social media course. These courses can teach you and provide you with the tools and guidance to create your own content. Learn the ways to create a social media strategy that works... and boy oh boy, you'll be an expert in no time!


last but not least...

Since we love showering you with lots and lots of brain food, we've got another big mistake that you'll want to know about! ...What is it? 🤐🤫

Well, go check it out in our Youtube video below! 😬😉

Thanks for geeking out with us 🤓! Don’t forget to check back next week because we'll be sharing how to properly prep your client's lashes!

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