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22 April 2022

Our Unpopular Opinions of the Lash Industry

Our Unpopular Opinions of the Lash Industry

In this episode ofUntamed byUntamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng, Founder & CEO of Untamed Artistry, and AnneMarie Lorenzini, Managing Director of Untamed Artistry, have a heart-to-heart about their unpopular lash artist industry opinions. 

(You don’t have to agree with them and they would love your opinions, too!)

Ready? Let’s go then; here’s what you can expect on the show:

Unpopular Lashing Opinions

  1. Fans don’t need to be perfect and symmetrical in an application. What’s more important than perfect fans? The base, for example, that provides greater retention. 
  2. Although there are solutions for treating adhesive sensitivities in an application, it's not okay to take a client with a known allergy. Why? Legal issues are something that most businesses can't survive.
  3. Age and number of years of experience are not important qualities for teaching others about lashing; instead, the ability to teach is what should qualify a person to be a lash educator. 

Unpopular Business Opinions

  1. Don’t take business shortcuts, for logical and value reasons. All the shortcuts you take will catch up with you in the future. 
  2. You can be a successful lash artist without making six figures. Success is defined by how you feel, not by what you have.
  3. Lash artists shouldn’t charge in the first few months of their careers if they’re learning. There are surprising long-term consequences to charging small amounts just to cover costs.

Unpopular Client Opinions 

  1. Be flexible within reason. For example, while you shouldn’t make it the norm that it’s okay for clients to be late, be kind. If they're willing to spend less time with you so that you are not late for your next client but you can still provide quality work, take them.
  2. Set boundaries when it’s important to you and your business but try not to be unreasonable, always putting yourself in your client’s shoes.
  3. Never make negative content about clients or fellow lash artists.

The point of today’s show is that it is good to hold unpopular opinions because it means that you're a critical thinker. It means that you're willing to think for yourself, you're willing to go against the grain and dare to be different.



This episode is brought to you by Untamed Artistry 

Untamed Artistry is your one-stop lash biz shop: combining helpful knowledge and amazing eyelash extension products (hand-tested in our lash nerd lab). We want to make you successful by giving you high-quality products and showing you what you need to use them well. Find great products, all the education you could ever want, and a healthy dose of quirk

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