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09 December 2021

Cheryl's Controversial Opinion on Content Creation

Cheryl's Controversial Opinion on Content Creation

In this episode ofUntamed byUntamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng, founder and CEO at Untamed Artistry, discusses her industry peeve: content that does not portray either the lash industry or lash businesses in a good light. She realizes this is mostly unintentional and is simply about not understanding the negative ramifications of it.

Cheryl recounts her favorite statement: “I don't remember what you said. But I remember how you made me feel.” All content has a tone that conveys an emotion to the reader; it’s part of the brand experience.

It is critical to consider the tone of your text: does it come across as passive-aggressive or sarcastic? Or does it come out of a place of education, kindness, compassion, love?

Do's and don'ts when it comes to the tone of your content:

  • Don’t bash clients or situations. For example, don’t have a “mean girl” mentality. Are you portraying your business like a clique-ish salon that makes fun of clients who aren't a certain way? Or are you coming off as a salon that's loving and accepting of everyone? Even if you do cultivate a very specific type of clientele, you still want them to feel comfortable. If they don’t feel comfortable, they will simply go elsewhere.
  • Set boundaries with clients so that you can avoid feeling resentful (often this is a key reason why lash artists go on social media and post about a scenario. They really are just looking to vent, but if you find this is something you do, you must be aware that it will portray your business in a bad light and potentially hurt your revenue). Clear is kind. Setting boundaries is an act of kindness. Cheryl says, “It's not up to us to change people, especially changing them by shaming them.”
  • Think carefully about who your content is attracting—it does nothing for your business if it attracts engagement from the industry instead of potential clients.  

Tips and tricks for creating content that attracts the right clients:

  • The type of content you want to produce should attract your target audience; as such, it should be educational, inspirational, or aspirational. 
  • Think about all the reasons why people would not be getting eyelash extensions from you, and then create content to debunk those myths or to overcome those objections.  

Resources Mentioned:

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