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22 February 2022

What are wet mascara look lash extensions all about?

wet mascara look lash extensions

By now, you have probably heard of the Kim K lash extensions style that took the lash industry by storm. But guess what? There’s a new kid on the block - the wet mascara look lash extensions! If you have not already tried them, you truly are missing out! The wet mascara look is currently one of the most popular lash styles that clients are requesting across the globe. This stunning textured lash style seems like it will be here to stay! FOMO already!? Then you will want to stick around until the very end because we are spilling the tea on all that you need to know! By the end of the blog, you will learn what they are, how to create them, the secret ingredients you will need, and all the juicy tips!  

What are wet mascara look lash extensions?

As the name suggests, wet mascara look lash extensions resemble a set of volume lash extensions that are wet. Imagine what your set of extensions would look like after you step out of your shower. Yep, this is when all the volume fans close up. Instead of appearing soft and fluffy, the wet mascara look lash extensions are spiky and textured. If you have not noticed already, textured lash extensions are SO trendy these days. Many clients find the spiky look appealing, and looking much more like strip lashes. 

How to create the look?

Many clients actually confuse wet mascara look with classic extensions. Although they look like thick classic lashes, they are in reality created using thin volume lashes. Therefore, wet mascara look lash extensions are considered a volume service, and should be charged accordingly. You would be surprised to know that the time it takes to create this look is very similar to a full volume set.

Alright, so how do we create the drool-worthy wet mascara look lash extensions that so many clients want? Essentially, the entire lash set is crafted using volume spikes. To create the the look, un-fanned volume lashes are used. The diameter of volume extensions used varies from 0.03mm to 0.07mm, depending on personal preference, and also the client’s natural eyelashes (thickness, health). Using 0.03mm extensions for the spikes creates a softer, fluffier version.. Using thicker extensions creates a darker, denser version. Typically, two to five extensions (2D-5D) are used to create each spike. The number of lashes used also depend on the client’s natural eyelashes, and the thickness of the extensions used. 

When it comes to the spikes for the wet mascara look, creating tapered tip spikes is the secret sauce! This means keeping the lashes completely closed, and preventing them from fanning open during application. Some lash artists use a micro swab to apply a very small amount of primer or water to the tips of the lashes directly on the strip. This causes the lashes to adhere to neighbouring lashes, keeping the tips temporarily tapered on the strip. Other lash artists prefer pinching the tips of the spikes with their fingers to taper them. Another simple way to keep the lashes completely closed is to secure a good grip on the extensions for a couple more seconds after applying. Ensure that you have steady hands too! Letting go of the extensions too soon could lead to the extensions shifting and fanning apart slightly. If this occurs, the extension will look more like a narrow fan rather than a spike. 

Applying the spikes is similar to classic application. This means that direction is extremely important! Clients that have natural lashes that grow in odd directions will require you to change the directions of the extensions more. If the spike is applied slanted, it will look rather messy, and out of place in the lash set. Creating a clean, and beautiful set actually requires a lot of skill and patience. Each extension should be spiky, AND applied straight so that the extensions do not look messy or wonky. 

Now, let’s talk about creating texture! To achieve as much texture as possible, on top of using spikes throughout the set, mixing lengths adds the cherry on top. Having different lengths accentuates the spiky appearance of the lash set. First, map your client’s eyes as per usual. Then, draw in where you want the longest spikes to be. For the longest spikes, go up 2-3mm longer than lashes in the mapping, and use a stronger curl. This makes the spikes stand out more for that wispy, spiky look. If your client wants all the texture she can get, mix in some shorter lengths in each section. For example, in the section where you want 10mm, sprinkle in some 8mm for added dimension. 

Pro tip: Use a good pair of your volume tweezers. Our lash nerds love using the Pitch Perfect tweezer because of the extended slim boot, the large sweet spot, and the super sharp tip. This makes it easy to pick up lashes for the spike, and applying them seamlessly onto your client’s natural lashes. When working with thin volume lash extensions, a pair of high quality volume tweezers will make lash pick up effortless too. The last thing you want is to have thin 0.03 lashes slip out of the boot of your tweezers! 

Who would suit wet mascara look?

Clients who would be best suited for the wet mascara look are those who absolutely love texture in their lashes. Clients who request the Kim K style, or wispy, spiky lashes, are likely a fan of this styling. Depending on how much texture your clients want, you can customize the amount of texture through varying lash extension lengths. 

The wet mascara look is also suited for clients with a moderate to full lash line. Keep in mind that this styling uses only closed lash fans, which is similar to classic extensions. This look on clients with a sparse lash line will have more gaps, and look less full. Clients with a sparse lash line benefit from bigger, wider volume fans rather than un-fanned extensions. For them, Kim K styling would be a better option if they like textured extensions. 

Ready to create your first set of wet mascara look?

Now that you have learned all our tips… It is time to pick up your favorite UA volume tweezer, grab a pack of our volume lashes, and get lashing! Giving them a go? Don’t forget to tag us if you do!! We cannot wait to see your ultra textured wet mascara look lash extensions that you create!

Before we go, we wanted to give @raquel_lashes and @vanh.artistry a huge shoutout for sharing their experiences creating this look with us! Make sure to check out their feed for tons of amazing lash extensions sets! 

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and all the insider info that you got today!🤗We’ll see you in our next one.✌🏻 Until then make sure you're following us on:

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