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08 March 2022

12 Week Lash Training Program? Yup! DFW Lash University.

12 Week Lash Training Program? Yup! DFW Lash University.

Lash nerds, let’s do a little throwback shall we? We want you to think back on your very first lash training. This might be a couple months, or even yearssss ago for some of you! Looking back, have you ever felt that the course just fell short? A LOT of lash artists spend countless hours of their time doing their own research post taking courses becauseit is difficult for a 1-3 day training to cover everything you should know as a lash artist. On top of self studying, some lash artists struggle with kick starting their own business, or feel lost when starting out. 


Well…what if we told you that there is a specialty lash program that is not just 1-3 days long, but a whole 12 weeks long!?😱


Did your jaw just drop? Because we know ours did when we first heard of thisand you just KNOW that we had to interview Roxie Reese, founder of DFW Lash University (DLU), to learn more about this program. DLU is a first of its kind, specialty lash program that offers the industry’s MOST comprehensive lash training and licensing program. We bet that you are dying to learn more about what we have to share today, so let us cut to the chase…! 


What is DFW Lash University

Roxie, a passionate entrepreneur and educator founded DLU in 2020 after being in the industry for four years. She founded DLU to curate an impactful training program unlike any other. She wanted the program to allow students to get the highest quality education and expose them to all the limitless possibilities that this industry has to offer. 

The 12 week blended program has a very unique and innovative approach to eyelash extensions training that sets them apart. The intensive program has both online and in-person classes designed to give students flexibility. Students get resources even beyond the lash industry to set them up for success - business, finance, digital presence, and more! On top of this, Roxie makes sure that students get a variety of learning opportunities from DIFFERENT reputable educators so that they can learn new techniques and gain diverse knowledge. The team of instructors at DLU have over 40 years of experience combined! 

The learning experience is further elevated with opportunities such as job placements, networking opportunities, and more! Students therefore graduate the program with confidence and are equipped with not only comprehensive knowledge, but also in-field experience that will help them launch their career. 

DFW Lash University


Let’s get chatty with Roxie! 

How did you get into the lash industry?
I started by doing my own lash tabs, and my friends would always ask me to do theirs. One day I did it and fell in love! I decided I had to make a career shift towards joining the lash industry and enrolled in my licensing program. I really had to immerse myself in biz. I attended all the lash conferences and events so that I could learn all the things.  Lash artistry really played to my strengths coming from the fashion industry. I love the limitless potential the beauty industry provides!


What inspired you to start DFW Lash University?
My inspiration for DLU is the experience I had while getting my lash license. Isaw the need for a REAL school.  My own experience showed me what was lacking and I wanted to be the one to make that impact. It was a huge learning experience for me joining the lash industry and that journey shouldn’t happen alone for artists. Since opening, my vision and mission has really expanded as the need for accessible and comprehensive online lash education has grown in Texas! 


How would you describe your teaching philosophy?
My philosophy is simple… Honesty and integrity is the core of my approach to education. There is so much complexity to lash artistry that I want to make straight forward. I’ve learned that the most impactful education and knowledge is what is understood, so simplicity is key. Starting the journey learning the basics in a very simple, fundamental way to build the skills students need to advance!


Who inspires you and why?
Oh this is a tough question… I am deeply inspired by so many strong women in my life, it’s impossible to choose! For me, a major inspiration has been working with my team at DLU. We have women from all over the WORLD supporting the DLU vision and mission. That was something I never in my wildest dreams envisioned. The DLU team is my inspiration. Everyone has a super power and it always leaves me inspired to see them supporting one another and pushing towards their goals.


What does being a lash artist mean to you?
Being a lash artist to me means that you’re making a commitment… You’re committing to putting your passion into service, growth, and lifelong learning. It’s such a challenging craft to master. Being a lash artist means you’re willing to sacrifice to be the best at what you do.


Is there anything you would like to see different or change in our industry?
Oh wow… Of course! I dream of seeing more minority women taking charge of their businesses with long-term success in mind. I think outdated stereotypes are perpetuated in how we approach things like our prices, client experience, and business acumen. We have to elevate how we move and who we move with to change the outcomes we expect. I want to see women of color scaling businesses without sacrificing the healthy balance between a career and life.  


Is there anything special we can expect to see come from DFW in the future?
We have so many exciting opportunities on our horizon. We are actively working on developing the alumni support within DLU. We have some exciting guest educators that students will experience. We also plan on hitting the Texas road this year to visit some of our successful alumni in cities like El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston! Even though our name is DFW Lash University, we are really shifting our focus to the entire state of Texas with our expansive online approach.  

And of course, more juicy content featuring Untamed Artistry! We are beyond thrilled to be partnering with a brand who shares our values and is reaching for the stars too.  

Lash nerds, we wanted to share THIS news with you 🥳

Students of the DFW Lash University program will be getting their hands on our UA goodies because… we are SO honored to be chosen as the official supplier for lash extensions supplies and tools for DLU! Roxie and her DLU team selected us because we share the same nerdy passion for the lash industry. They also wanted to give their students the best experience by making sure they have quality products. We wanted to share this news with YOU, our #lashnerd fam first, because you know we always keep you in the loop. 

Amazed by the DLU program? Check outDFW Lash University to learn more about them and their program! Oh, and you do NOT want to miss ourpodcast episode with Roxie where we chat about her commitment to diversity. Roxie is an advocate for women of color, and she shares all about how she made the education program inclusive on our podcast! 

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and all the insider info that you got today! 🤗 Be sure to check back for more up-to-date insider info, and value-filled knowledge that we keep serving ✌🏻. Until then, make sure you're following us on:

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