Washing your lashes with distilled water is so 2016!

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Washing your lashes with distilled water is so 2016!

Haiiii lash nerds! I’m popping in here today with a super quick blog post on the importance of CLEANING your client’s lashes.

We’ve talked before about how cleaning them is the secret to getting longer lasting bonds, which is 100% true.

BUT, today we’re going to nerd out even more to talk about WHAT you should be cleaning with.

Before you say, “Duh, Cheryl, you clean things with water,” let me stop you right there! Water is good to clean lashes with, for sure, BUT there’s something even BETTER:


Yup, like salty, contact lens solution saline.

Now a lot of people out there think that saline is BAD for lashes because it’s got salt in it. We have this misconception that salt is super grainy and can cause problems with adhesive.

This is 100% NOT the case! Saline doesn’t interfere with your adhesive or retention at ALL.

In fact, it’s actually BETTER to wash with saline than to wash with water.

Saline is PH balanced, which means it helps your client’s lashes be better prepared for application. Water isn’t always PH balanced and can actually have different chemical compositions depending on where you live and the quality of the water your city has. Saline is produced to the same standards every time.

It’s also great for your clients with sensitive eyes, because it can up the retention without hurting them. 

So, the next time you’re washing your client’s lashes, reach for the saline NOT the tap water. You’ll be surprised at how great your results are!