The Death of Your Beauty Business - Comparisonitis

The Death of Your Beauty Business - Comparisonitis

I’m going to coin a new term today. Stay with me, girl!

Do you have any social media accounts you jealous-follow?

You know, not someone you hate-follow, but someone you follow because you are so freaking jealous of their life/relationship/business/house/whatEVER.

I know you do!
I know I do!

We all have accounts that make us jealous that we follow anyway. It’s just kind of the nature of what social media is. It’s okay to see certain social media accounts as aspirational.

What’s not good is when you start suffering from comparison-itis (aka, another term I’ve made up just now).

Comparison-itis is when someone else’s account makes you start feeling BAD about YOURSELF. It’s not productive and it ends up messing up your head. You spend all your time focusing on why someone else has something you want and none of your time actually focusing on what you CAN change… aka YOU.

No two journeys look the same. No two businesses look the same. No two people are the same.

Think about it: if you and I make the same recipe, it’ll taste slightly different! Because it’s impossible to replicate anything exactly. So instead of focusing on comparing yourself to someone else, don’t waste time on that!

Here are some things to do instead of comparing and feeling frustrated.

#1: Study Analytics

Study a person’s analytics. What are their most popular posts? What are their least popular posts? What are their most popular products? What have they done that makes you envious.

Ask yourself why those things work: do they do a great job at connecting? Are their visuals crisp and clear? Is their brand fun? Understand the why so that you can…

#2: Reverse Engineer the Process

Once you understand the why, you can start to reverse engineer the process. Are their visuals crisp and beautiful? Then they are probably using high quality camera equipment or investing in a photographer. Are their brand colors striking? Then they worked with a great graphics team. Do they have content going out every single day? Then they’re probably planning and batching their content production.

Understand what they do, so you can do it too.

#3: Come Up With a Solution

Finally, you need to come up with a solution that works for YOU. You can’t be exactly like someone else. So don’t try! Instead, try to take the good parts of what they do and apply them in a way that works for you and your business.

Stop the comparison and start moving towards action!Simply being jealous and worrying about something won’t get you anywhere.

Action, on the other hand, will.

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