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24 August 2023

The Power of First Impressions: How to Make Them Count

The Power of First Impressions: How to Make Them Count

In today's fast-paced digital era, the significance of first impressions is HUGE! They set the stage for how your clients perceive you and your business. Gone are the days when first impressions were limited to in-person meetings; now they extend to your online presence, including social media profiles, website, Google business listing, booking site, and even your DMs! We are going to challenge you to think like a prospective client and dive into how you can polish up your profiles and create authentic… and AWESOME connections. If you tap into these strategies, you’ll experience a shift in how you present your lash biz and how it helps you attract your dream clients!

First things first, let’s start with the socials. The world is running on social media content, and it can feel so overwhelming! So let’s simplify…


Social Media: Expressing Your Brand's Persona

Social media platforms provide the ideal opportunity to showcase your brand's personality and engage directly with your audience. Now, we could write a book on the trials and tribulations of social media in 2023 but here’s some cliff notes:

TikTok - This is a fantastic platform you can use to build a community with authentic, raw content that can really highlight your perspective, expertise, and approach to your unique lash artistry! TikTok is a fantastic space to showcase your artistry process, take a peek behind the scenes, and highlight what you’re passionate about. You’ll figure out that this is SUCH an interactive platform since it’s 100% video.  Remember that TikTok is a newer platform and trying different styles of content and topics is THE way to go.  Don’t overthink it (so easier said, than done)!

Instagram - The OG of social media for the lash industry! What started as a photography-focused app it’s shifted into a blend of photos, videos, and stories! The best way to use Instagram is to share a little sampler of all kinds of content from photos of your lash work to build a visual portfolio, use video content (reels) to share more of your personality or process, and pop into stories to interact with potential clients too! You’ll find that posting promotions can be more impactful on Instagram than TikTok. 

Establish a consistent brand vibe across all platforms and actively interact with your followers. Respond to comments and messages promptly, share captivating content, and show gratitude for your followers' support. Remember, every interaction on social media makes a big impact on how prospective clients perceive your biz! 

Direct Messages: Personalized Client Interaction

Engage in direct messages with an impactful mix of professionalism and personalization. Embrace your clients' names, and respond promptly to their inquiries to make them feel truly valued.

You can even set up automated responses that direct them to your website or booking site.  You can even direct them to other pieces of social media content you’ve created that help share more insight about your services. Use messages in your DMs as an opportunity to make a great impression and build trust with your potential client. 

Now let’s dig into other digital real estate, your website! 

Think of your website as an interactive storefront that entices potential clients. To make an outstanding first impression, ensure that your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and packed with valuable and interactive content. Highlight your services or products in a clear and concise manner, and ensure that your contact information is easily accessible.

Content that counts on your website may look like:

Homepage with information about you, your services, and portfolio

Frequently asked questions that you answer about your services

Detailed booking information on how they can get an appointment

Any promotions or special offers you have

An “About me” section that shares about yourself, why you’re passionate and what a client experience can look like with you. 

A blog that will help the searchability + visibility of your website.  Topics that are informative and reinforce your professional expertise. 


Another overlooked, but super important avenue to tune up is your… 


Google Business Listing: Amplifying Local Visibility

Your Google Business Listing is a crucial avenue where potential clients may first explore what  your business has to offer. Be certain that your listing is complete and up-to-date with accurate information. This is such an important platform for potential clients to find + explore what your business has to offer! Adding photos, promotions, and other important information makes your Google business listing more visible.  Remember that visibility is the goal with Google! Well-managed and current listings will always be prioritized.

Embrace the power of monitoring and responding to all reviews, including those that may not be perfect. Remember, every review is a valuable learning opportunity. Don't let a less-than-5-star rating bring you down. Instead, use it as fuel to show potential clients your dedication and understanding. Take time to craft concise, professional responses that reflect your expertise and passion. This will leave a lasting impression and attract clients who appreciate your commitment.

Prioritizing your clients' convenience means organizing a booking site…



Booking Site: Streamlining the Client Experience

If you have a booking site, prioritize creating a user-friendly and intuitive platform. A seamless and hassle-free booking experience can significantly enhance the initial impression you make on a client. Provide clear instructions and ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible.

When a client is looking for an appointment it’s key that they are able to explore the services you offer with clarity.  

Descriptions of your services should be clear and value-based. Some questions you should ask are…

  • Who is this service best for?
  • How can you best describe this service to someone without industry lingo?
  • What is the cost + time commitment of this service?
  • What other important things should your clients know before they book this service?

And photos of your services are so important! Include a variety of photos of each service you offer to give clients a reference of what exactly the end result looks like. 

Your client is just a step away from committing once they reach your booking site! Don't let them be uncertain or confused about why you're the top choice. Show them why you're the best and make their decision a no-brainer!

By implementing these proven techniques, you have the opportunity to create a remarkable first impression regardless of where your clients look to engage with you + your brand. Cultivate strong connections and unlock the potential for lasting, positive relationships. Once you earn someone’s trust, you have the opportunity to nurture loyalty while building your dream clientele!

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