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06 July 2022

Removing Lash Extensions: Step By Step Instructions

Removing Lash Extensions: Step By Step Instructions

​​Removing lash extensions: step by step instructions

Tired of waiting 20+ minutes for your remover to work properly?! We were too… so look no further, lash friend!We're here to help with a step by step guide to spot removing lash extensions. We'll provide a list of everything you'll need to complete the services, go over 2 different methods of full removals, and even provide troubleshooting tips for what to do if you see white residue on the lashes! Let’s get into it… 

Removing Lash Extensions: What You’ll Need

First, let’s talk about products. What we use as lash artists is crucial, which is why we’ll only recommend the highest quality products for removing lash extensions. In this section, we’ll cover all the products you’ll need for both methods of lash extension removals:

Undo (Remover)

Meet your new B.F.F.Undo! Undo is our remover with a gentle, yet quick and effective formulation that processes in only 3-5 minutes. We wouldn’t call it a gel, or even a cream… It’s a perfect sweet spot between the two that isn’t too runny or too solid. Removing lash extensions is a lot less nerve-wracking when your remover isn’t running all over the place… We got you! It’s also pink, which makes it SO easy to see where you’ve placed the remover. It even comes individually packaged which minimizes product waste and keeps sanitation levels at an all time high. No cross contamination here, yuck!

Lip Applicators (Disposables)
Next up, you’re going to want to have some disposables on hand for easy application! Lip applicators are our fav for removing lash extensions. They’re big enough for efficient application but small enough that you won’t make a mess all over your client’s eyes. 

The Undies or The Lil Undies (Under Eye Gel Patches)
Then, you’ll want to have gel patches to keep those bottom lashes out of the way and avoid getting remover under the eyes or on the skin. We like to useThe Undies or The Lil Undies, depending on the client’s eye shape. These patches have the perfect fit for any client to ensure removing lash extensions stays mess free! 

Paper Towels
Moving on, keep some paper towels ready. This surface is simply to place any of those removed lash extensions for easy clean-up. 

Prolong (Lash Cleanser)
Last up, lash cleanser! This is essential to remove any residual remover at the end of the service. Our fav isProlong lash shampoo because it’s a gentle cleanser that is so effective. It’s pH balanced for client comfort, vegan friendly and formulated WITHOUT oil, glycerine, glycerol, artificial colour, ethanol, parabens or synthetic fragrances. 

Saran Wrap
You’ll want to have a small rectangular piece of saran wrap as well. Make sure to cut a rectangle that’s big enough to wrap around all of the lashes you’re removing. 

Removing Lash Extensions: Method #1

  1. Apply gel patches, securing down those bottom lashes.

  2. Remind your client to keep their eyes closed from now on as we don’t want them to blink any remover into their eyes.

  3. Open a packet of undo by snipping the corner.

  4. Squeeze the packet and use a microswab to begin applying undo. Ensure that you’re applying where the adhesive bond is without getting too close or touching the lash line. This is KEY to minimize the chances of irritation.

  5. Leave on for 3-5 minutes to let the remover process do its thing.

  6. Now onto removing the lash extensions! Use a lip applicator to gently glide the extensions off and away from the client’s eye. The applicator will push those extensions right off!

  7. But WAIT, I have a lash that just won’t come off? Is it time to panic, should I just pull it off?! It’s okay friend, do not force a lash to come off if it isn’t ready. If there is a stubborn lash, you can use your tweezers to banana peel it off!

  8. Wipe off any excess remover from the lashes using a lip applicator, being careful to push and wipe away from the eye.

  9. Remove gel patches.

  10. Cleanse thoroughly to remove any remover residue. Rinse, dry and your service is complete! Simple as that. 

Seeing any white residue? Don’t freak out, it’s just leftover adhesive! Instead of tugging on it or trying to cleanse it off, just apply a little more Undo. Continue to wait 3-5 minutes and push it away from the eye with a lip applicator once again. 

For our visual learner lash friends, this short demo onRemoving Lash Extensions will be sure to help! 

Removing Lash Extensions: Saran Wrap Method #2

  1. Apply gel patches.
  2. Remind the client to keep their eyes closed.
  3. Place a small rectangle of saran wrap in between the client’s lashes and gel patch.
  4. Apply undo on the adhesive bond.
  5. Wrap saran wrap up and over the lashes. It should look as though all of the lashes are “sealed” in saran wrap.
  6. Let sit for 3-5 minutes.
  7. Gently pull the saran wrap off, holding from the tips of the extensions.
  8. Once again, don’t force a lash to come off that isn’t ready. Banana peel any stubborn lashes if needed, or repeat removal steps if there are too many to banana peel.
  9. Wipe off any excess remover with lip applicators.
  10. Remove gel patches.
  11. Thoroughly cleanse those lashes and you’re done, friend!

Spot Removing Lash Extensions

Have you ever had a lash mid-set that was just too stubborn to banana peel? Maybe it's sticky, too much adhesive or not applied with seamless attachment… Try out spot removing lash extensions! 

  1. Cut a small piece oftape and make a loop with the sticky part on the outside.

  2. Stick the tape loop to the lid above the lash you want to remove. Try to stick it down as flat as possible.

  3. Pull the misapplied lash up to the tape loop and secure it down.

  4. Now that the lash is secured onto your tape, it’s time to start removing the lash extension. Apply undo on the adhesive bond with a lip applicator or micro swab.

  5. Wait 3-5 minutes then gently tug on the extension with your tweezer to see if it’s ready. If it glides right off, it’ll be ready! If not, wait a little longer.

  6. Clean off excess remover with a lip applicator and remove the tape loop. Congrats! You’re now a pro at spot removing lash extensions.

And of course, for you visual learners, we have a demo! Click to watch this quick tutorial ofspot removing lash extensions

We hope you’re obsessed with this blog. Have a chance to try removing lash extensions coming up? Make sure to shopUndo to cut down on service time and ensure great results! Don’t forget to tag us the next time you do a removal on IG, it’s just too satisfying watching those lashes gliding off with Undo…We’ll see you back for the next blog! In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on our socials for fresh lash nerd tips on the daily! 

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