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07 June 2022

Improve Your Classic Lash Extensions Sets

Improve Your Classic Lash Extensions Sets

Looking to level-up your classic lash game? You’ve come to the right place, friend! This blog is packed with the BEST tips to craft full, clean AND long-lasting classic lash extensions sets!

EEK, we can already imagine the improvements from just a few simple tricks… So let’s get right into everything you need to know.

How Can I Make My Classic Lash Extensions Look More Full?

Every artist at some point has thought, “UGH, how can I make my classic sets look more full?!”... Have no fear, UA is here to serve you up a steaming plate of tips to NEVER have this worry again. 

  1.  Always aim for 100% coverage. Especially with classic lash extensions, every lash counts! But what about those baby lashes that are too weak for a  0.15 extension? We got you! Lash baby or weak lashes with a short  0.10 extension or even  0.07 lash. This will add to the density of the classic lash extensions, while still allowing those natural lashes to properly grow out and stay healthy. BOOM, 100% coverage here we come! When your set is complete, make sure to check for any stickies too by sorting through every single lash! Not convinced you want to spend those extra few minutes yet? Use your sticky check as an opportunity to catch any of those naked natural lashes that you might have missed.

  2. What about styling?  Could that help bring my classic lash extensions more density? Well look at you go, you’re so right! When choosing your lengths, don’t be afraid ofshort lashes! We’re obsessed with going down in length to make classic lash extensions appear even more full. This is because the longer the classic extension, the more space there is between the very tips of the lashes. This space could make the set look more sparse and is where you might notice that “spidery” effect. This is especially important if the client has a naturally sparse lash line because there will be even more space between the extensions in your set. In addition, use layering to your advantage! Creating a clean topline type of look with classic lash extensions can aid in getting to that fullness that you’ve been drooling over. Use your longest length at the bottom layer and go shorter as you reach the top layer of lashes. For example, bottom layer: 11mm, middle layer: 10mm, top layer: 9mm. This will help improve density while still providing the client with some length. 

My classic lash extension sets are looking messy… What can I do?

These 2 points are what we want you to be mindful of every time you apply a classic lash extension:  direction &  distance from the lash line. Hear us out… 

1.  Direction is SO important in classic lash extensions. This is because you can clearly see every single lash, which is the reason why some lash nerds might argue that it’s even more difficult than volume techniques! To get perfect placement every time, make sure to apply straight, rather than following the direction of the natural lashes. 

More of a visual learner? Check out our video for some help!

When you apply in the direction of the natural lashes, this is when you might notice the tips of the lashes starting to cross and mingle a little too much with one another, creating more of a messy effect. A clean classic set ideally will have every lash pointing straight with minimal crossing of the extensions. 

2. Another point to check on every single lash is the  distance that you’re applying from the lash line. Focus on maintaining an even distance on each lash you apply… This will level-up your lash game by ensuring that no lashes are poking out of your top line and messing with that beautiful shape you’ve created!

But I notice classic lash extensions have worse retention…

Ah classic retention, the never-ending stressor of a lash artist… Unless, you’ve readthis blog! Here's how to create long-lasting classic lash extensions sets…

  1. Always begin by ensuring yourhumidity and temperature are in your adhesive’s ideal environment… For all  Untamed Artistry adhesives, this would be20C-23C (68F-75F) & 35-55% humidity. This quick check could already save your retention game by ensuring your environment isn’t too hot/humid where the adhesive starts curing too quickly.

  2. To get that retention that’ll have your clients swooning, you’ll have to  use enough adhesive. With too little adhesive, you might notice your classic lash extensions popping right off! What a nightmare… We love dipping our extensions using a scooping motion, like a spoon, to get the right amount of adhesive every time! Not sure what the perf adhesive amount looks like yet? No worries, we got you… Check this video out for adipping demo!

  3. Attachment is another KEY to unlock your full retention potential! For classic lash extensions, you’ll want to aim for 2-4mm of seamless attachment to the natural lash. Seamless attachment means that the extension is flush to the natural lash with no lifted bases.Try to attach from the side or underneath to avoid lifted bases. This will save you by immediately being able to see whether you have a seamless attachment. If you were to apply from the top, you’d have to turn the lash to the side to ensure there isn’t any lifting. Last, watch that wrist movement! Just like taking your IG pics, it really is all in the angles… Angle and rotate your wrist to match the extension until it is parallel to the natural lash, then apply. This rotation is the secret sauce to perf attachment! 

We already can’t wait to watch your classic lash extensions become even more full, clean and long-lasting! But don’t forget to tag us in your next set of classic lash extensions and let us know what tips you tried… Until then, check out our blog: step by step, a guide for classic lash extensions 🤗 

We’ll see you back for the next one… In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on our socials for fresh lash nerd tips on the daily! You can also check out some of our top eyelash products at our online store.Find us here:

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UA 💛💙

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