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12 September 2022

How To Promote Your Business On Social

How To Promote Your Business On Social

The question we’re all faced with: HOW do I find lash clients?! Social media is the KEY to reaching tons of potential clients. Of course, if you can figure out how to use it to your advantage…

You know we always got you and today we’re diving deep into how you can use social media to promote your business all the way from creating the bio of your dreams, identifying your target audience, how to produce valuable content that relates to your ideal client and what hashtags you should REALLY be using! Excited yet? Let’s get started. 


What should I have in my bio?

Your bio is the FIRST place potential clients will look to find all the general information they’ll need to know about your business. Ensuring that any information they’ll need to book with you is easily accessible is your top priority!

Your Name

Clients will want to know WHO is providing their services. Including your name shows credibility that you are proud to take accountability for your business.


Don’t make your clients do a deep dive to find where you’re located! If those viewers on your page can’t even figure out where you are, how are they supposed to know if they should book with you? If you’re in a home studio and aren’t comfortable sharing your exact address, just be sure to include the city you’re located in. Then, when they get to booking you can share this. 

Method of Contact

How do you want potential clients to contact you? They might have questions or concerns to address that could lead you to a lifelong relationship! Nurture these and make it easy for them to get a hold of you. Include a phone number or email address to have your clients contact you.

Booking Link

If you have online booking, you’ll want to ensure that this link is front and center in your bio to easily translate your now interested potential client to coming through your studio door! Remember, if you make your followers spend all this time searching for how they can even book with you, they’ll likely choose an easier option… Don’t overcomplicate it!


Next, it’s time to identify your target audience…

Your target audience is the group of people that you are aiming to reach with your business. This can include their age, career, interests and overall lifestyle. Consider your target audience when you’re cultivating your branding, captions and photo styles! You’ll want the tone you use to stay as consistent as you can so potential clients feel as though you’re speaking directly to them! Once you’ve established who you want as your ideal bestie client, provide valuable content that relates to that audience. For example, if your target audience is college students, a back to school promo might REALLY help bring those ideal clients into your studio! Whereas if you’re looking for clients with established careers, that might be a bit older, this promo won’t help them or even resonate with them at ALL! Your goal is to make your target audience feel supported in their pain points and that you’re prepared to work on lashes and lifestyles like theirs. Think about what their age group and people with their lifestyle would be interested in… Always take a step back and think, what value would my bestie client take from this content piece?


What IS valuable content?

But what even is valuable content? And how can I create it? Fear not lash friend, we’re here to give you some tips as well as content ideas to get those creative juices flowing! You want to give potential clients a reason to follow you and CONTINUE to visit your page. Let’s get into some content that might be useful to your followers…


Educational Content

Education is SO important to establish trust between you and your clients and that can all start on your socials! Providing this education not only shows that you KNOW your stuff but that your clients are set up for success by having all the information they need. A great place to start could be by debunking lash myths. Think about how many potential clients STILL believe that eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes or that they have to wait 24 hours to get their lashes wet! Utilize your socials to answer those FAQs that keep people away from extensions. Do they hurt? Can I sleep? Can I get them wet? Are lashes even safe? How do I take care of them? The possibilities are endless! Last but certainly not least, explain WHY you need lash extensions in your life. How about the comfort of extensions vs. strip lashes vs. mascara? Or how easy Summer is with lashes! Tell a story with your content and focus on education that clients would be interested in, rather than what another lash artist would care about (of course, if you’re an educator this would be the opposite). 


Photos of your work

Your social posts are a part of your biz portfolio… So, your clients will obvi want to see what your lash work looks like! Share a variety of photos to showcase your gorg sets… We’re all about the odd close-up eyeball shot to show off how clean your sets really are BUT clients want to be able to visualize themselves with your extensions when they’re considering trying them out. When you use primarily full face photos, your followers will really be able to understand how the lashes will look as a whole on their faces. Next up, backgrounds! Try to keep your photo backgrounds as clean as possible to minimize distractions. Don’t be afraid to hype your clients up and have a mini photoshoot. While you’re at it, let them fix up their hair. Nobody’s hair looks great after laying down for that long! Watch out for good lighting as well. All of these tips will make your clients feel more confident about photos posted of them, as well as improving the overall aesthetic and professionalism of your photos. 


Relatable Lifestyle Content

Let’s hop into our time machine real quick… You’ve never gotten extensions before and are feeling a little nervous about picking a lash stylist. What are we going to talk about? Is it weird if we don’t talk? Who even is this person that I’m going to be sleeping around for hours? It can be SUPER uncomfortable having no idea who is behind these lash sets! We get it. It can be scary at first, but you’d be surprised how much your clients really want to know YOU! If that means popping into your stories with a casual video talking, a live or reels. Knowing who is behind the brand creates comfort for your new clients and will actually help you get along with your clients even better.

Use your unique personality to your advantage! This is exactly what will set you apart from your IG page being only a sea of eyeballs. We know your sets are so fresh and so clean but if your clients can’t get along with you, they likely won’t come back! Start establishing those client connections from a first look at your social pages. Even incorporating some of your daily life can help relate to your clients. This can not only assist in getting more engagement on your page by starting conversations, but make them feel like they already know you and are comfortable with you when stepping into your studio!


What about hashtags?

Hashtags are a tool for you so make sure that they’re relevant and specific to your business! You want these hashtags to help potential clients find you. Using the hashtags: #LashExtensions or #LashArtist won’t help you very much. But why? That’s what I do! With these hashtags, you’ll be in a sea of lash artists from all over the world posting with that hashtag… Think about it! If you were on the gram looking for a stylist in your area, you’d want to take a scroll around hashtags that INCLUDE your area, like these: #LashExtensionsVancouver or #VancouverLashArtist. This way, all of the photos should be of stylists that are local to you.

That’s all from us today! Thanks so much for joining us, and we will see you again in our next blog… We hope you feel totally confident to level-up your social media game with these simple tips to bring in even more new clients. You got this friend, so go post on your socials now! And make sure to tag us because you already know we’re here to hype you up. But in the meantime, make sure you're also following us on our socials for daily biz AND lash tips! 




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