How To Prep For Eyelash Extensions

How To Prep For Eyelash Extensions

Hey lash nerds!

Good retention means happy clients, and happy clients means loyal clients, right!?

We know you want your lash sets lasting forever and ever and everrrr. 

Okay… this can’tactually happen, but you can definitely get the lash extensions to last for weeks until they naturally shed, and we’re about to tell you how. 👇

This week, you’ll be learning our ultimate tried-and-tested UA lash prep recipe for better retention!

But before we get into the recipe, we want to highlight the very first step to ah-mazing lash retention: making sure your client’s lashes SQUEAKY clean. Why is this important, you might ask? Well here are some cleaning facts for ya:

✅ The cleaner the lashes are, the better the bond of the extension to the natural lash is.

❌ If there’s a layer of makeup, oil, and residue on the natural lashes, you bet those lash extensions won’t stay on long…. even with your unicorn adhesive 🦄!

TIP💡: Always, always, always, educate your clients to come to the lash appointment with CLEAN lashes. However, no matter how many reminders you give, you will most likely encounter a situation where your clients forget, or they don’t clean well enough. So it’s our duty to check their lashes and ensure that they're 100% squeaky clean and ready for your magic✨!

With the cleaning facts and tips out of the way, it's finally time to reveal theUA Lash Prep Recipe! Aka a fun way of saying “a step-by-step guideline for preparing your clients’ lashes for application!” 🤓

Psst. We even included tips for gel pad and tape application because they're important lash prep steps too!

You'll want to write these down or memorize them so that these steps will come to you like natural instinct 😉

UA's Lash Prep Steps:

The perfect combination in achieving the best lash prep is for your client to haveclean lashes + perfectly hidden bottom lashes.Check out our steps below to achieve this:

Step 1: Remove eye makeup
✔️use an oil-free makeup remover
✔️remove all heavy eye-makeup, dirt, residue (especially all the bits & pieces of mascara!)

Step 2: Cleanse the natural lashes with a lash cleanser
✔️use a cleansing brush, along with a good eyelash cleanser like Prolong!

Step 3: Rinse with saline
✔️it's isotonic, bio-compatible & comfortable for the eyes

Step 4: Fan dry the lashes, do not hand dry
✔️using a small handheld electric fan dries lashes much faster & is less tedious than fanning with your hand 😉 

✔️lashes should be dry prior to lash application

Step 5: Apply eye pads such as our undies!
✔️our undies are made in a sterile environment, have pre-cut slits & have the perfect stickiness!

Step 6: Tape
✔️secure remaining bottom lashes
✔️GRIP tape pairs extremely well with our hydro-gel under eye pads

Now that you know the UA lash prep recipe, it’s time to stock up on the products so that you’ll have them ready to try the routine out irl 😉

Alright lash nerds, thanks for geeking out with us! We’ll be back next week with another blog!

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