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13 March 2023

How to Choose Between Black or Brown Extensions

How to Choose Between Black or Brown Extensions

Lash extension artistry has the power to transform how people look and feel! With more variations and options than ever before, we have tons of diversity in how we create lash illusions. If you caught our other blog, Top Lash Trends + Looks for 2023, we predicted a rise in the trend of brown lashes! If you’ve never worked with brown lashes before then this blog will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and add brown lashes to your portfolio! 

Of course traditional black lashes are stunning to create bold lash looks, giving the appearance of liner along the natural lashes and adding an emphasis to length and curl.  However black lash extensions can feel a little too bold for some clients or maybe they are just looking for a unique new look.  Here are some examples of how you can make brown lash extensions the hottest new option on your service menu.

If your client says they’ve worn brown mascara in the past versus black.  This can be a great insight to use during your consultation.  Offering your client the options to start with brown lash extensions will help them transition from using brown mascara to seeing themselves with a full set of lash extensions. Classic lash brown extensions or even brown wet look lash extensions can be the perfect look for a client who likes a lighter, more natural look and accustomed to seeing themselves with a very soft, mascara look. 

If your client has a very light skin tone or hair color.  Sometimes black lash extensions can be even more intensified if a client has a cool, lighter intensity palette.  The cool tones to the skin can play up the cool black tones of the lash extensions, for an intense contrast. This can be striking or overwhelming to a client new to lash extensions. Opting for a brown shade can allow you to create a beautiful, full lash look without a harsh contrast in the color palette.  Remember that working with your clients features is always the key to creating natural lash illusions. 

If your client has previously gotten lash lifts without black tint they may love the natural look that brown lash extensions can create.  It’s like the ultimate lash lift without looking too dramatic. Brown lashes can allow you to add more length without the risk of it looking artificial.  Wispy brown lashes can be a gorgeous alternative for lash lift loving client and give them more versatility than their usual lifts. 

Pro Tip:  To create a wispy, lash lift look with brown extensions, use shorter lengths on the bottom layers and 2-3 lengths longer on the top layers. This will give your client the wispy, lifted look they love, but 100x more customizable! 

If your client has hazel or green eyes and wants to intensify the color, a brown + black lash mix can act like hi/lo lights to bring out the colored facets in their eye.  The pop of brown above their iris can make their hazel or green POP! It’s the ultimate customization. 

Pro Tip: Use brown lashes toward the bottom layers nearest the eye, above the iris. This adds a subtle softness to a hazel or green eye that’s almost undetectable! Your clients will be completely obsessed. 

And of course black lashes will always be a staple! How do you know when to reach for your tried and true black lashes?

Your client tells you they are accustomed to wearing strip lashes.  This is a no brainer! Strip lash lovers crave all the intensity and boldness you can give them, so opt for black lash extensions to help recreate the strip lash look. 

Your client tells you they tint their natural lashes black.  Unlike our tint free lash lift friends, if a client specifies they always opt for a lash lift and tint you know they want to see those lashes POP! Black extensions will be the way to go to give them the ultimate lifted look. 

And of course… if you clients are accustomed to wearing lash extensions you can almost always assume they’ve been black.  So carry on and make sure to use black extensions so they are satisfied with the look they’ve come to love. 

Stay adventurous and remember that clients love to see an example of your range of artistry! So do some models, play with some of these brown lash looks and add them to your portfolio.  Creativity is all it takes to show off your versatility and all the options you have to offer. If you’re ready to explore what you can do with brown lashes click here to see our brown lash extension selection! 

Stay tuned for more artistry insight, tips, and tricks of the trade, stay magical lash friends!

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