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14 September 2022

Hazards of the Job - How to Mitigate Your Risks

Hazards of the Job - How to Mitigate Your Risks

Lash Artist PSA! Aches, pains, and strains don’t have to hold you back…

Being a lash artist means you’re committed to getting the job done with the precision that the craft demands.  But sometimes lash perfection comes at a cost… Back pain, neck pain, wrist strain, headaches and even allergies can enter the chat. As the committed lash nerds we are at UA, we’ve got your back (literally!) with some pro tips to keep you healthy + well.  


Neck Strain.

Neck strain is as common among lash artists as our love for our fave tweezers. Strain from holding our heads in a downward position can severely affect our range of motion, circulation, and muscle tone. Don’t let neck pain cramp your style!

  • Invest in a hydraulic bed for adaptable height. Bringing your lash bed to a higher level can alleviate the tendency to bow your neck down during lash application. An adjustable lash bed can be more comfortable for artist + client alike.
  • Position you client closer towards you. Tilt your client’s chin upwards and bring the top of their head towards your chest. It’s only natural when your client relaxes they start sinking their chin down.  Guiding your client into a more upright chin position will prevent you from craning down and forward during application. 

  • Take time to rebalance by bending your neck backwards while looking up and hold for 15-20 seconds. Repeating this simple stretch often throughout the day can save you from painful muscle spasms + headaches.  


Back Pain.

Battling Back pain? So many factors of the lash life can trigger aches and pains in your back, but here are some of the best solutions we’ve found for lasting relief.

  • Strengthening your abdominal muscles.  As lash artists we can often fold our upper bodies forward which shortens the abdominal wall and leads to weakness in our back muscles.  Focus on exercises that strengthen, lengthen, and stretch your back + abdominals to hold your posture upright.  We love a good pilates class or gentle yoga! Just a few times a week can alleviate all the aches.
  • Invest in chiropractic care or physical therapy. A great care plan will take into account the challenges being a lash artist comes with.  A great provider will focus on correcting the effects that our repetitive motions can have on us. Consistent care is the best way to stop back pain before it becomes severe.


Hand Pain.

The real MVP for any lash artist is our hands.  Hours of pinching and pressing our tools can leave your money makers stiff + sore. Here are a couple things that can help:

  • The right tools. A great tweezer will feature a soft, delicate tension meaning you won’t need to apply much pressure to achieve a full closure. This can be especially true if you’re a lash artist creating volume fans. A death grip to pickup your fabulous fans isn’t sustainable! A well aligned, high quality volume tweezer, like Pitch Perfect, will need minimal tension for even the juiciest volume fans. 

Pitch Perfect Volume Tweezer Reccomendation

  • Let your fingers loose. So many lash artists suffering from wrist pain have a tendency to keep their fingers stiff while working.  Letting your fingers move independently of your hand/wrist to hit all the angles can mean instant relief! Encourage finger fluidity + flexibility while keeping your wrists resting in a relaxed position. Trust us on this one, a total game changer!


Adhesive Fumes.

Kick VOC’s to the curb! If you’ve experienced allergies or symptoms like a chronically runny nose, headaches, or brain fog while working with lash adhesive the culprit is VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds are vapours released from cyanoacrylate adhesive during the curing process. This means your lash adhesive is quite literally emitting fumes throughout your workday. 

  • Always wear a VOC effective mask. Paper masks won’t help you battle VOCs, at minimum you’ll need a carbon based filter.  Look for filters that are P95+ or N95+. Scientifically speaking the only mask that can 100% filter all VOCs is a full face respirator.  (input artist in mask imagery)
  • Air circulation matters, like REALLY matters. Having adequate ventilation and air circulation can ensure your air quality remains balanced. Depending on your work spaces square footage and quality of ventilation, using a VOC specific air purifier can keep you safe.
  • Listen to your body.  Be aware of any symptoms you’re experiencing such as sinus infections, allergies, fatigue, or brain fog.  Talk to a medical professional to ensure you’re doing everything you can to eliminate the risks VOCs can have. 

Being a lash artist doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our health + wellness, it just means being intentional about our self care is key!  Love the tips in this blog? There's more where that came from! Make sure you're also following us on our socials for daily biz AND lash tips! 




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Love, UA 💛💙

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