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15 May 2023

Faster Lash Artistry... Is it Possible?

Faster Lash Artistry... Is it Possible?

Are you a lash artist struggling to build up speed without sacrificing quality? Fear not! We've got your back. Whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro, we all face the struggle of time management in the lash industry. With intricate techniques and endless moving parts, keeping up with the demand of clients and maintaining quality work can feel like an overwhelming task.

But, don't lose hope! We've distilled down the best strategies to help you become a more efficient and speedy lash artist without sacrificing your meticulous craft. From expert advice on technique and workflow to insider tips on time management, we've got you covered for those back-breaking, eye-crossing hours in the lash studio. So buckle up and let's dive into how you can build your confidence and efficiency behind the lash bed. 

Mastering your speed as a lash artist means you’re leveling up your artistry and access to opportunity!. Let's dive into some of the advantages this can offer:

Increased productivity: Speed can make a significant impact on your earnings. The faster you complete a client's lashes, the more clients you can service in a day. And more clients mean more revenue.

Higher client satisfaction: As an artist, you know that clients are always on the lookout for efficient, quality services. When you focus on improving your speed, you not only meet this expectation but exceed it! Additionally, you can reduce appointment duration and provide a better experience overall for your clients.

Reduced fatigue: Being a lash artist requires lots of concentration, handwork, and focus. To keep quality work while preserving physical and mental wellbeing, you must prioritize and optimize your time. Focusing on speed can help you move through appointments efficiently, and reduce strain on your hands, back, and eyes.

Competitive advantage: In a competitive and ever-growing industry, standing out from the crowd has never been more crucial. Being able to deliver quality work in efficient time frames can significantly impact your business growth.

Improving your speed should be a top priority in your profession. With the right mindset and determination, you can master it and take your business to the next level!

Here’s the tea from our UA pro insiders to help you master your craft!

Investing in high-quality tools + equipment is an essential step towards becoming a faster and more efficient lash artist. Here are some ways that professional-grade tools can help you save time during appointments:

Tweezers: Lightweight, soft tensions tweezers are EVERYTHING! Minimal tension means fanmaking and lash extension pickup is a breeze while isolation stays on point.  Getting sharp, soft closure tweezers means you won’t spend extra time struggling with lash removal, extensions slipping out of your tweezers, or experiencing the dreaded hand cramp.  Precision tools means better control and a faster, more efficient workflow! 

Pro Tip: Struggling with isolation in certain areas of the eye? Switch up your tweezer! Sometimes switching to a straight tweezer (the O.G.) can be the best move to get into those itty bitty inner corner lashes seamlessly. 

Lashes: Premade lashes are OF COURSE a go-to tool to speed up any hybrid or volume lash application! But let’s not forget a proper lash tile setup will take you from a tortoise to a hare for classic, handmade volume, or premade lashes alike. Keeping your tiles clean and organized in sequential order will be the best thing you can do to spend more time in your artistry and less fumbling around with disorganized lashes during your appointments. 

Lighting: Light up your lash life! Great lighting can illuminate your workspace making it so much easier to function in all the ways from isolating those baby lashes, to perfect lash placement, and even fan making.  A great quality LED light will save you from eye strain and help you lash so much more efficiently. 

Staying organized is an essential part of becoming a more efficient and faster lash artist. Here are some reasons why:

Saves time: A cluttered workspace can lead to wasted time searching for tools or materials. When all of your tools are organized and readily available, you can quickly and easily find what you need, saving valuable time during each appointment.

Reduces stress: A disorganized workspace can be stressful and overwhelming. By prioritizing organization, you can create a calm and focused environment that allows you to work at your best. And we ALL know how incredibly stressful it can be to look at the clock and realize you’re down to 10 minutes and haven’t even tackled your inner corners!

Here are some tips for staying organized in your lash studio:

Clear your workspace: Start each appointment with a clean and clear workspace. Remove any unnecessary clutter and ensure that all tools and materials are neatly arranged. Set out the lashes you’ll need, sterilized tools, wands/brushes, precut tape sections, under eye pads, adhesive, and any other essentials you know you’ll need during your appointment. Laying everything out at arms length prevents you from having to go on a mission to find something mid appointment. 

Use storage solutions: Invest in storage solutions such as drawers, trays, and containers to keep your tools organized and easy to access. Covered tiles, acrylic organizers, and bins are a lash artists secret weapon to organization! 

Label everything: Labeling your storage containers and drawers can help you quickly find what you need.

Establish a routine: Create a routine for setting up your workspace before each appointment. This will help you stay organized and save time in the long run. 

Pro Tip: Take a photo of your ideal layout and practice setting it up! 

By prioritizing organization in your lash studio, you can become a faster and more efficient lash artist while producing the best results and quality for your clients.

“Where do I start on the eye” can feel like the million dollar question! Having a plan and creating a workflow routine is a key factor to becoming a faster lash artist. Here's why:

Reduces decision fatigue: When you have a workflow routine in place, you don't have to spend mental energy deciding what comes next. This reduces decision fatigue and allows you to work more efficiently.

Saves time: Knowing what comes next allows you to move seamlessly from one section to the next, saving valuable time during each appointment. This can add up to significant time savings over the course of a day, allowing you to accommodate more clients.

Improves accuracy: Following a routine helps you stay organized and focused, leading to better results and overall consistency in your lash artistry. 

Here are some tips for establishing your workflow (remember everyone has a different approach, use what works for you!)

Plan ahead: Take a few minutes before each appointment to plan out your approach. Review the client's notes and consider any special requests or concerns. For example, if a client has a missing section in their set during their fill appointment note that section and maybe start working there.  Make a note as to what section of the eye you’ll move on to next after building the coverage up in the most bare “zone”. 

Divide the lashes into sections: Dividing the lashes into smaller sections can help you work more efficiently and accurately. Develop a routine for applying lashes in sections that makes sense for you. Some artists start on the bottom layer working from outer to inner corner.  This can be a great place to start as clients will always notice coverage more on their outer corners versus inners!

Stick to a timeline: Set a timeline for each appointment based on the client's needs and stick to it as closely as possible. This will help you avoid running over time and keep you on track throughout the appointment. We suggest assigning your sections basic timeframes.  For example: 

15 minutes to complete even (not 100% full) coverage on the bottom layer

15 minutes to complete the middle layer

15 minutes to complete the top layer

10 minutes to hop around throughout the lashline to complete the coverage to the best of your ability 

Using this as a guideline you’ll know you need to skip lashes to achieve even courage from inner to outer in that layer, with your remaining time you can then choose to hop around the lash line to get as many additional natural lashes as possible in your given timeframe. Pushing yourself to stay on time for each section will always result in a more symmetrical, even end result! 

This takes time to master but before you know it you’ll be accustomed to moving through the lash line versus getting sucked into working in one small section! 

And last but not least our golden rule to live by if you want to save time as a lash artist… Drumroll please…

Keep conversation to a minimum!

Engaging in conversation with your client can be distracting and make it more difficult to focus on your timeframes and technique. This can lead to mistakes, which can take even more time to fix. It’s so hard to stay engaged in conversation all while you’re managing isolation, fan making, perfect placement, adhesive, their custom lash design, keeping your coverage even, and trying not to go totally cross eyed! 

Their cheeks and eyes will commonly flutter, move, and shift the under eye pads and your tape! This can lead to watery eyes, AKA a nightmare for you.  Just keep your conversation time to the beginning of your appointment and let your client know this is their time to relax and take a much deserved lash nap. 

There’s nothing wrong with making your lash appointments and studio a space, serene environment! 

Now you’re empowered with strategies to become a more efficient and speedy lash artist. So take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back – and rest assured that being a “fast” last artist doesn’t come easy to ANYONE! Remember that mastering these tools doesn't happen overnight. With practice and dedication, you'll gain confidence in your artistry and watch your skills level up. 

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