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07 June 2021

5 Business Saving Tips For Your Lash Biz

5 Business Saving Tips For Your Lash Biz

Hey lash nerds! 🤓 We’re serving 5 tips for you to keep your lash biz up, running, and thriving!

These valuable lash business tips are really lash extension retention tips because… can we all agree that lash retention problems = business problems 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️? Poor retention leaves clients unimpressed, and unimpressed clients means they won’t stay long. Remember that time (or many times) you woke up to a DM from a client that looks a little like this?

text from a lash client saying hey I don't know why but my eyelash extensions are falling off


Your heart dropped 😱 and all you heard was the sound “DUN DUN DUNNN…”😫

A lash artist’s worst nightmare is bad retention. BUT we know that pretty much 99.99% of all lash artists have struggled with a lash retention crisis at least once in their career, especially as a beginner lash technician.

If you’re new into this biz, just know that you’re not alone, and it’s not just you.

Let’s face it, lash retention issues are mostly due to using a lash adhesive that doesn’t work for your lashing technique, speed, and or environment. Poor retention is especially common during a change of season, y’know when it get super hot ☀️ and humid. Suddenly lashes aren’t lasting, and you just wanna cry 😭 (we’ve been there once upon a time).

Struggling with retention and you’re pulling at your hair? Scared of losing all your clients?

No worries, we gotchu. 😉


Tip numéro 1: Test one glue at a time

bottle of eyelash extensions adhesive from untamed artistry

We know how tempting it is to ask all your    lash besties or lash experts what their favourite lash adhesives are, and then y’know… buy ALL of them 👉🏻👈🏻 (you know you’ve done that #guilty). BUT, we recommend testing one glue at a time instead. Why? Testing so many at once will boggle your mind! Trialing so many at once makes it extremely hard to determine what’s working and what’s not.



Which UA adhesive is the best for me?

💙 Hold Up:

slower dry time (2 seconds), great for warmer environments, perfect for beginners

💛 Invisible Ink:

1 second dry time, clear adhesive, perfect for all levels of artists

💙 Retention:

1 second dry time, black adhesive, UA's bestseller, perfect for all levels of artists

💛 Time's Up:

0.5 second dry time, great for colder environments, perfect for advanced artists


Tip numéro 2: Test your new glue on a few clients at a time (not all at the same time)

Testing a new adhesive on everyone might not be the best idea. Think about it - what if this new glue reallyyy isn’t working for you? Instead of a couple of your most understanding clients notifying you of a retention crisis…. You’ll be overwhelmed when your entire book comes to you about lashes not lasting 🥵.


Tip numéro 3: Follow up with your clients early if you suspect retention issues

Not only does this help you check-in to see if everything is alright, it shows your clients that you are proactive, and that you care. If something IS wrong, this gives you the chance to fix it for them. How to check in? Simply send them an email/text/direct message saying "Hey! Just checking to see how your retention is going?"


Did we miss 2 lash biz tips? Nuh uh we didn't! The last 2 tips are sooo good, we just had to get you to check it out with your eyes 👀 AND ears 👂🏾.

Watch our Youtube video below on this topic andddd to get a little surprise from us 🎁. Did someone say surprise?

Yes. We. Did. 



Thanks for geeking out with us! Don’t forget to check back next week because we're talking all about motivation ✨

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-UA 💛💙

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