Time's Up

TIMES UP is the track star of the fam, drying in 0.5 seconds. She is just PERFECT for artists who create pro-made fans, as well as artists who live in a drier climate or artists looking for a faster curing adhesive. TIMES UP is blink-and-you’ll-miss-her fast with that same jaw-dropping retention you know and love from Untamed Artistry products.

☑️ Black
☑️ Thin viscosity
☑️ Low Fume

Ideal Environment: 

🌡️ 20C/68C - 24C/75F 
🌡️ 30% - 60% Humidity 
🌡️ 0.5 second dry time

Dry Time: 
🔥 Varies with environment 
🔥 Lower humidity/temperature: slower drying 
🔥 Higher humidity/temperature: faster drying 
🔥 Dry time also varies with glue pick up amount 
🔥 Dry time also varies with application speed 
🔥 Dry time also varies with dimension of the fan.

📦 Unopened adhesive can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 months. 
📦 Opened adhesive should be stored in an adhesive container in a DRY, COOL AND DARK place with silica or rice.

❗️Using any lash extensions adhesive under 30% humidity is not recommended! This will cause more irritation for clients and artists.


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