the M.O.

the product:
Our m.o is making sure you give your clients flawless lashes. So, we bring you THE M.O. tweezers to help you get there. Designed with a slight slant for extra comfort, these bomb tweezers bring something for everyone. Classic artists are obsessed with the sharp tips for picking up lashes & volume artists geek out over using THE M.O. for isolation. No matter your m.o, the tweezers will give you alllll the heart eyes 😍 

the facts (TL;DR):
✔ lightweight
✔ made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel
✔ super sharp & precise 
✔ 12mm
✔ extra slant for extra comfort 
✔ adjustable tension
✔ ergonomically designed to be more comfortable

the tea:
💡 Individually hand tested by our #lashnerdsquad
💡 Perfect for classic pickup or isolation if you prefer using a shorter tweezer