sharp shooter.

the product:
We call her SHARP SHOOTER. Why? Cause she just does that. Large, sharp, & ready to help you create some mega volume lashes. Like, jaw-dropping mega volume lashes. The large foot makes it easy to grab bigger fans, so volume fanning has never been more effortless. 😍

the facts (TL;DR):
✔ lightweight
✔ made from high-quality Japanese stainless steel
✔ large & super sharp foot 
✔ 12mm 
✔ 90 degree
✔ adjustable tension
✔ large sweet spot for picking up lashes without shifting them or having them fall apart👌
✔ ergonomically designed to be more comfortable

the tea:
💡 Individually hand tested by our #lashnerdsquad
💡 Works with all fanning methods except pinching or rolling due to the large foot (but if you’re a pincher or a roller, check out JET SETTER