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Lash Mannequin Head with 3 Lashing Layers


Your ultimate study buddy is here! The perfect palette to take your lash practice to the next level. Say goodbye to the struggle of practice lashes and say hello to your new BFF, who’s always down to test some dreamy lash illusions, new products, and all the new techniques!

This lash mannequin is 100% reusable (and sustainable with no disposable elements) and features 3 ultra-realistic lash layers to help you create the ultimate lash designs.

Safe to use with any lash solutions + adhesives. Easy to clean with soap + water, alcohol, and even disinfectant wipes. Simply apply UNDO remover after use to remove extensions and adhesive!

This is a must-have addition to your student kits! The best teaching and demonstration tool out there.

Available in luxe color options of Honey and Mocha.


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