Grip (tape)

roll size

learn about this product:

We know you love your Nexcare blue tape. We also you know you wish they were slightly stickier, a little more gentle, lint free and perhaps water resistant? This medical tape from Untamed Artistry will give you all of the above without giving up the colour and texture you love. We will also give you 20% more product in the perfect width. So you can spend less time cutting tapes, more time creating bomb lash sets. 


facts about this product: 

☑️ silicon

☑️ blue (contrast for lighter colour lashes)

☑️ high adhesion level 

☑️ water resistant 

☑️ medical grade

☑️  painless removal 

☑️ sample roll: 1.25cm x 1m  

☑️ regular roll: 1.25cm x 9m (20% more tape than Nexcare)

☑️ box 1.25cm x 9m x 24rolls (33% saving)


tips about this product:

💡 a little goes a long way

💡 keep tape in a closed container/package to prevent dust and debris

💡 this tape pairs best with our hydro gel under-eye patch 

💡 best for isolating bottom lashes, lifting eye lids, stretching inner corners and exposing bottom layer