Glue Sticker

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These glue stickers are designed to keep your adhesive fresh for longer. 👍 As a lash nerd, you want to not only understand what is in your product, but also what works well with your product. These glue stickers are recommended by our chemist to pair with your fav UA adhesive. Say goodbye to the micropore tape! 🙅‍♀️ The fibre from the tape is the reason why your glue drop doesn't last as long. 🤫 

facts about this product

⚫️ 30 pieces per package 

⚫️ easy to peel 

⚫️ perfect for your jade stone 

tips about this product

For less exposure to multiple glue dots, we recommend cutting the glue sticker into quarters. Use one quarter per glue dot, switch out glue sticker after each change of glue drop.