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Boba and Lashes Tee UA x Bewitching Lashes


Bewitching Lashes + Untamed Artistry are BFFs and you’ll want to get this limited edition tee for all your lash friends, clients, and beyond!

But here's the real question: are you a coffee + lashes or boba + lashes kinda lash nerd? Lucky for you, you don't have to choose because this tee has got you covered! You'll be sipping in style while showing off your love for lashes.

When you purchase your GOOD MOOD snuggly soft locally produced tee you’re supporting local women-owned businesses to the fullest, from the designer + curator to the print shop and everyone in between, they are all passionate female entrepreneurs and that’s even sweeter than your fave coffee and boba sip!

So, whether you're sipping on your morning coffee or boba, or just hanging out with your lash-lovin’ friends, this limited edition tee is a must-have addition to your lash apparel collection. Get it now and let the world know you're all about that lash life!

  • Unisex sizing for the perfect fit
  • Luxe cotton with seamless print
  • Tag-less for ultimate comfort
  • Supports 6 female-owned businesses with each purchase

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