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Adhesive Stickers

When it comes to adhesives, it’s important to know your product and use products that work best with it! Some artists may use micropore tape as a surface for their adhesives, but the fibers in the tape can actually cause the adhesive to dry faster. That’s why we’ve created glue stickers that contain zero fibers, making it the best surface that keeps your adhesives fresh while working.

  • Easy to peel, apply & remove off of a lash tile 
  • Use directly on a lash tray, jade stone, or crystal.
  • No fibers in the sticker.
  • 30 pieces per package.
  • UA’s adhesive stickers are recommended by chemists as the best place for your glue to sit. 
  • It is recommended to use only one adhesive drop per sticker, as exposure to multiple adhesive drops at once may increase the chance of irritation to the client and stylist. 
  • Stylist tip: Cut the sticker into quarters to get the most out of your adhesive sticker!


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