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21 December 2019

How to properly sanitize your lash extension supplies.

How to properly sanitize your lash extension supplies.

Did you realize that, as lash artists, we work directly with our clients’ most valuable assets?

No, not their long, gorgeous lashes (courtesy of us).

Their EYES.

We’re all up in our clients’ eyes day in and day out. That means that we not only have to be amazing at applying a gorgeous fan, we also have to be SAFE.

Safety is the NUMBER ONE priority for all of our clients, even above a beautiful finished product.

Besides steady hands and safe ingredients, the most important thing to talk about when it comes to safety is SANITIZATION. 

Let’s be honest: sanitization is not a super sexy topic. (Unless it's Mr. Clean twerking while he cleans) No one really wants to talk about it. But lash nerds, this is IMPORTANT. So in this blog post, we’re going to break down the proper way of sanitizing our tools.


Why You Need to Know About Sanitization

We’re all lash artists here, not chemists. We may be wizards with a pair of tweezers, but few of us know the real ins and outs of how to sanitize and with what solutions. Some of us also overlook things that should be sanitized like your lash palette you use to lash on or the brush you use to clean your client’s lashes. Practicing correct sanitization will protect YOU from any bad insurance nightmares and will also, most importantly, keep your clients safe and healthy.

The Proper Steps for Sanitization

Let me tell you a secret: if you violate these sanitation steps, your insurance is automatically void.


So if your client gets sick, for whatever reason, then everything is on YOU if you skip any one of these steps. So let’s walk through exactly what you need to do to sanitize.


You get a super sleek and sexy pair of tweezers in the mail from Untamed Artistry. What’s the first thing you want to do with?

Use it, of course!


The first thing you need to do with it is sanitize it. Between the factory where the tweezers were made and the testing process (because here are UA, we hand test each tweezer), there are TONS of people touching these bad boys before they end up with your clients.

So, you need to sanitize them BEFORE first use and then again each and every time you use them. Since sanitization takes twenty minutes to do properly, we recommend to have multiple sets of your fav tweezers on hand during a busy day.


You probably reuse brushes you use to clean your clients’ lashes. This is fine! But you do need to label and assign one brush to EACH client to prevent cross contamination. Throw these out after 3-4 uses.


You absolutely, 100% need to clean your lash palette every single day. As you lash all day, client’s skin debris, and make up residue gets transferred onto your palette. GROSS.

Just think about all that highlighter that makes your palette shine at the end of the day. That’s why it’s important to give your palette a cleanse after each work day or client. 


Make sure you store your tape, mascara wand, and microswaps with the lid ON. This is a FIRM regulation in many states and provinces (plus, prevents nasty lint from getting your tape).

Plus, never, ever, EVER use the same mascara wand or micro swaps on multiple clients.


Each client should get a fresh pillowcase/towel. Bed linens should be changed daily. 

When you take the time to do these things, you’ll have HAPPY and HEALTHY clients. Plus, you’ll never, ever, have a client with an eye infection. WOOHOO!

Our Recommendation for Best Disinfectant
CS20 PREempt is our favorite disinfectant. 
PREemp cs20

To use, thoroughly clean your tweezers manually with light soap. 

Rinse and dry objects before immersing fully in the PREempt CS20 solution. 

Allow tools to soak for 20 minutes. Remove and rinse with water. 

As an added bonus, this can be reused up to 14 days and works like a charm in removing any glue resides. Say whaaaaa!

70% isopropyl alcoholOur other recommendation is to use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, aka your NEW BEST FRIEND. You want to be sure to use 70% NOT 100%!

Let’s get nerdy for a second: 70% isopropyl alcohol solution kills microorganisms by dissolving the plasma membrane of the cell wall.

The 100% isopropyl alcohol coagulates the proteins instantly by creating a protein layer that protects the other proteins from further coagulation… basically, the microbes are NOT killed. They’re just dormant. 

While 70% isopropyl alcohol solution penetrates the cell wall at a slower rate and coagulates the all protein of the cell wall and microorganism dies.

TL;TMS (Too long; too much science)? You can use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to soak your lash palette and clean any surfaces.


As a lash artist, you should take pride not only in the aesthetics of your work, but the cleanliness and effectiveness of your workplace. Make sanitization a priority: always have backup towels, tweezers, and palettes on hand for a busy day. Make the time at the end of the day to clean up.

Your clients (and your insurance agency) will thank you.

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