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15 December 2021

How To Create An Open Eye Lash Extension Set

Open Eyes Lash Extension Set By Untamed Artistry

Are you a beginner lash artist looking for lash styling tips? Well, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks for styling one of the most popular lash styles: the open eye lash extensions! We’ll be covering all the details you need to know, so let’s jump right in, shall we? 

The options for lash styling can be endless… This is especially true because every client who comes in through your door has unique facial features, eye shapes, and lashes! Until you gain enough experience working with a variety oflash extension curls, lengths, and diameters, as well as understand what effect they have on different eye shapes, styling can be daunting. We totally get it! 

As a beginner artist, it is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the most common lash styles which are: natural, open, doll, cat, reverse cat, and squirrel mapping. Once you play around with these basic lash styles, you will become more comfortable with fully customized lash sets. In this blog, we will be sharing with you all that you need to know about open eye lash extensions, so keep reading to learn more! 

Open Eye Lash Extensions
Open eye lash extensions is when the longest lash length is concentrated at the center of the eyes, right above the iris. The lengths then quickly taper down from the middle of the eye to the shortest lengths in the inner and outer corners. This styling is highly requested and exceptionally popular because of the effect that it has on the eyes, which is the illusion of bigger, more lifted eyes.

When the eyes are open, you will notice that the styling focuses on increasing the size of the eyes horizontally instead of vertically. The eyes will therefore appear more lifted, bright, and bigger. 

Open Eye Lash Extensions

To map open eye extensions, the iris can be used to mark exactly where the longest length will be placed. The lengths then taper down to the shortest lengths in the inner and outer corners, just like the mapping demonstrated below. 

Open Eye Lash Extensions Map

Doll eyelash extensions are very similar to the open eye style, except with a less dramatic lifting effect. Doll eye styling focuses more on making the eyes appear larger, whereas open eye lash extensions mapping focuses more on opening and lifting the eyes. 

Understanding Eye Shapes
When it comes to styling lash extensions, the shape of the client’s eyes is one of the most important factors to consider. Styling a client’s eye shape correctly can highlight the best features of their eyes. Let’s discuss the eye shapes that open eye lash extensions would compliment, and the shape that should be avoided. 

Almond Shape Eyes
Almond eyes look just as the name suggests. The eye is rather symmetrical, tapers on both ends, and has a visible crease. Known as the most universal of eye shapes because of its versatility, clients with this eye shape can pull off any lash look! Using open eye lash extensions is a great option for clients looking to lift and brighten up their eyes. 

Hooded Eyes
If the client’s upper eyelid seems to cover or “hood” over the lashes, making it appear like they do not have a crease, it is likely that they have hooded eyes. Some clients may have a partial hood, where only the inner corner or outer corner is hooded. Other clients can have the entire eyelid hooded. Hooded eyes may appear smaller. These clients would benefit from the lift that open eye lash extensions give. 

Monolid Eyes
Clients with eyes that do not have a crease in the eyelid have monolid eyes. Many East-Asian clients have this kind of eye shape. Monolid eyes usually look long but flat, making the eyes appear narrow. Therefore, lashing styles that compliment monolid eyes include those that lift, and create the illusion of bigger eyes. Using open eye lash extensions on monolid clients would flatter their eye shape. 

Wide Set Eyes
This is when the space between the client’s two eyes is wider than the width of one of their eyes. Clients with wide set eyes should be styled in a way to increase the size of their eyes vertically instead of horizontally. If the longest length were to be placed in the outer corners, the eyes would appear even more wide set. Length should therefore be focused in the middle towards the inner corner of the eyes. Shorter lengths should be concentrated in the outer corners. Open eye lash extensions would therefore be perfect for this clientele. 

Deep Set Eyes
Clients with deep set eyes have eyes that sit deeper into the eye socket, making their brow bone appear more prominent. The goal when styling clients with deep set eyes is to make them appear less deep-set. Open eye lash extensions emphasize length in the center of the eyes, giving the illusion that the eyes sit further out. As a result of this, this styling would be a great option for them. 

🚫 Round Eyes
An eye shape to avoid open eye lash extensions is round eyes. This eye shape appears very circular. You may notice more of the white parts of their eye, just right above and below the iris. For these clients, your goal for styling should be to elongate the eyes. Elongating the eyes will make them appear more almond shaped. Open styling would emphasize the high point of the round eyes even more, and can make their eyes look surprised. Open eye lash extensions styling would therefore not be as flattering for this group of clients.

Wrapping Up...

Open eye lash extensions is a beautiful map that really brightens up the eyes, and suits a wide range of clients. Mapping this style is quite simple, and can be easily done by using the client’s iris as a marker. We hope that this blog covers all that you wanted to learn about open eye lash extensions, and gets you inspired to try the style on your clients! 


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