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30 September 2022

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

When it comes to attracting your ideal client it takes a whole heck of a lot patience! For every 1 ideal client you could be looking at 10 not so ideal matches so being intentional about who you attract and HOW you attract them is where the magic happens.

Nurturing your efforts to both find + retain your ideal clients means you have to be confident about what you bring to the table too! Let’s break down the strategy to finding your client match made in heaven. 

Who’s your client match made in heaven?

Think about this one for a VALUE perspective.  Does your ideal client value expertise versus seeking the lowest possible price point? Does your ideal client value their natural lash health or do they want to be in and out of appointments in a short timeframe? Attracting clients who align with you starts with sharing what you value! If you are very passionate about keeping your clients' natural lash health in top tier shape then sharing content about natural lash health, aftercare, and results will appeal to those who really care. If a client is looking for a lash artist based on only getting the lowest price then you can confidently say you won’t be the artist for them.  Be confident in sharing your core values to attract clients who align. 

Pro Tip:  Write down everything you’re passionate about when it comes to the services/products you offer.  These are the topics that you can make central to your marketing + content strategy


Unique services, unique values

Now let’s talk about the services you offer. It’s only natural to assume that certain clients will be drawn to certain services. Here’s an example that’s sure to hit home… Clients who LOVE classic lashes tend to crave a more natural, organic look. They typically won’t be glam heavy when it comes to makeup and tend to be on a more minimal vibe. If you really lean into marketing + promoting classic lash sets you’re bound to attract clients who’ve maybe only seen loads of mega volume looks. Maybe they’ve never even seen classic lashes that could look super natural. And before you know it you’re the classic lash expert in your area.  Never underestimate settling into untapped, less obvious niches when it comes to tailoring your service menu.  Don’t feel pressured to offer the exact services you find your competitors specialize in.

Pro Tip:  Ask your favorite clients what they love about the services they get. Use that feedback to streamline your service menu and lean into what you know existing ideal clients love. 

Be the expert with confidence

Setting expectations is a two way street. Start by establishing what your clients expectations are from the service they are receiving.  Using visuals is a great way to start! Ask your client to select photos of what they like from your portfolio.  From there you can take a photo of your clients natural lashes and show them what you’re working with.  If a client's lashes are super short or fragile, you can show them a comparison to long, thick natural lashes. Getting your clients understanding to a certain degree is key to managing expectations. Always encourage your clients to source examples of the work they love from your own portfolio!

Pro Tip:  Developing a diverse portfolio is key to attracting clients who love your unique style of artistry.  Taking before photos to include with your after photos is a great way to showcase realistic expectations.  Create a photobook you can use during consultations to help your clients visualize results.  

Lean into your Loyals

Did you know that once you get a few ideal clients you can work on multiplying them? Consider starting a referral program for just those select clients.  You can incentivize your current clients to promote you! This can help bring you clients who have similar lifestyles + values.  You’d be surprised at how much your clients friends + family have in common.

Building a solid clientele doesn’t happen overnight but with the right intention + strategy you can do it! Lean into what you’re authentically passionate about and project that through all aspects of your business.  You can truly be a magnet to exactly the type of clients you want to serve. Now ask yourself, do your clients match the vision you have for your business? We’ll see you in our next blog… ✌🏻Until then make sure you're following us on:




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