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27 November 2022

Handmade VS. Pre-Made - Which Fans Should I Use?

Handmade VS. Pre-Made - Which Fans Should I Use?

Volume lash artistry is by far the biggest and best evolution in the industry but the controversy between handmade volume fans vs. pre-made volume fans is widely argued.

Artists who’ve mastered the art of hand making volume fans tend to favor the concept of taking the extra time to handcraft their volume. Whereas pre-made volume fan lovers love the convenience and easy of volume artistry without the extra challenge that comes with handcrafted fans.

There is no RIGHT way to approach volume artistry, only what’s right for you!  So we are breaking down the nuances between handcrafted vs pre-made volume to help you decide on the best option for you + your clients unique needs.

The TEA on Hand Making Fans.

The Pros.

Handmade fans are handcrafted magic! Created one by one, customizing each to fit each natural lash. The element that lash artists love about handmade hands is both the ability to customize the dimension  (amount of lashes per fan) and the width  of each fan! And we can’t cover handmade fans without mentioning the concept of wrapping.  Wrapping a volume fan happens when the individual fibers of a volume fan bundle around the circumference of the natural lash. This can only happen when with handcrafted fans because the adhesive allows the base of the fan to be pliable and encircle the natural lash. Champions of handmade fans assert that this wrapped bond is the most secure, solid form of attachment to the natural lash. 

The Cons.

Not only does hand making volume fans require a refined level of skill + mastery, it requires a significant amount of time! Lash artists new to volume may struggle to balance hand making each volume fan within reasonable service times. It’s not uncommon for a volume full set to take anywhere from 2-3+ hours to complete with full coverage, meaning every natural lash is lashed. It’s almost impossible for less experienced artists to be confident charging $200+ to ensure their time is compensated to profit. This is a major obstacle for the hand made fan category! It definitely takes a significant amount of dedication and practice to master making volume fans. Looking for volume lashes that fan like butter? You came to the right place friend, check out our Creator's Collection Lash Trays, designed with the lash community to support your unapologetic artistry.


The Pre-Made Scoop.

Pre-made fans have been a controversial topic since the beginning! But the modern pre-made fan is an amazing tool for new + experienced lash artists alike. 

The Pros.

First of all pre-made fans can cut down application time by over half, which creates a huge opportunity for lash artists to increase profit significantly. With slightly lower application times it also increases accessibility to clients who may have less availability or tolerance for longer appointments. One of our UA customers reported that her very pregnant client was thrilled to be on the lash bed less than 1 hour for a fill before her maternity photoshoot! It’s opportunities like this that make pre-made lashes the great equalizer for lash artists and clients alike. For new lash artists pre-made volume can allow them to be successful in a competitive market that can otherwise be challenging to break into. 

The Cons.

One MAJOR previous downfall of pre-mades was their inability to be customized. But guess what, lash friend? Styling and design doesn’t have to be limited when using pre-made volume lashes anymore! With a variety of lengths, diameters, and curls you still have limitless options to choose from. Even for clients with very fragile lashes you can split one pre-made fan apart to make two fans with less dimension. UA pre-made fans  are artist inspired to offer the versatility and diversity the modern lash artist needs! While you're checking out our wide variety of innovative pre-mades, don't forget to pick up a silicone lash palette... You'll need it for this brand spankin' new system! Since our pre-made system is completely new to the lash industry, be sure to check out our Instagram for free lash educational videos!

To sum it all up...

Finding what works for you as an artist is the true key to success. It’s time we embrace what makes our artistry unique to strengthen and empower our industry! Both handmade  and pre-made  volume have their rightful place and both require an immense amount of skill to use artfully, so let’s encourage open minds to help our industry evolve for the better of us all!

If you’re ready to explore UA options for both handcrafted volume and our artist inspired pre-made volume they check out the Creators Collection ! Our lashes are made of the highest quality Korean PBT which makes for the softest, yet durable lash extensions on the market. Once you experience the UA difference, you + your clients will be hooked.

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