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03 November 2023

Angel Lashes vs Anime Lashes

Angel Lashes vs Anime Lashes

Lash trends evolve in the blink of an eye! Years ago, artists seeking to perfect the ultra-symmetrical “Russian volume” style of short but dense sets took the industry by storm. Then came along the rise in popularity of .03 “American volume” with the ultra-dense, super dramatic mega lash looks. And here we’ve landed headed into 2024 with wispy anime and angel lash sets being the sought-after set of the season! In this blog, we’re giving you the breakdown of what anime and angel lash sets look like, what products you can use to create them, and how you can learn to specialize in both styles! Grab your notebook and get ready to fall in love with these unique, trending sets!


What are Angel Lashes?

The term “The Angel Set” was coined by super-talented artist Maddi Morris of @lightheartlash.  She wanted to create a way to balance the seamlessness of classic lashes with the weightlessness + versatility of .03s. By using .03 “spikes”, she was able to create a unique, balanced lash set that served up the density of volume with the natural glam of classic. Inspired by the traditional mix of volume and classic lashes to create hybrid sets, she innovated her new approach, which sparked an industry-loved technique! 

With .03 lashes being lighter weight and more flexible, clients with even the most delicate, fragile lashes can wear an Angel set of lashes with ease. And because they are individual bundles of .03 lashes they are 100% customizable when it comes to how bold you want the angel set to look. 

Unlike traditional volume angel sets don’t require the artist to handmake open volume fans.  This means it’s an efficient, beginner-friendly technique suitable for all artists. Plus, because there’s no fanning involved with angel sets they typically take less time to apply than traditional volume sets! What’s not to love?

What’s more, Angel Lashes are also extremely lightweight and comfortable for clients. The lightweight nature of .03 lashes means your client will barely feel any additional weight.


What are Anime Lashes?

Anime style lashes, also known as Manga lashes, are a unique type of false eyelashes inspired by the sharp, spiky lashes often seen on characters in Japanese manga and anime. These lashes are designed to frame the eyes with unique, pointy clusters, creating a distinctive and dramatic look that makes the eyes pop. Beyond the realm of “texture”, anime lash sets are really exaggerated peaked lash designs for a doll-like effect. They can be wispy and natural or take on a bold look!

Using a range of different diameters bold spike patterns in a variety of lengths combine to create intentional peaks throughout the lash design. These peaks create dramatic high and low points creating the animated effect! One unique point about anime sets is that 100% coverage is not required. Anime sets are more about the intentional placement and design of the peaks or spikes, not necessarily a dark dense look. Getting super intentional about your mapping before diving into an anime lash set is key!

Anime sets are such a huge trend you’ll be seeing well into 2024! 

Why are Angel and Anime lash sets so popular?

Like all trends, beauty is no exception! With the early rise in wispy lash set popularity lash trends have evolved into looks that require not just skill, but creativity! Angel sets and anime sets are two versatile styles that fit a range of clients who love the look of strip lashes. Prior to angel sets Hybrid lash sets combining volume and classic techniques served up soft texture, but clients craved more! Then there was the rise in popularity of “strip lash looks” which are artful and some of the most challenging lash designs to execute. Anime lashes just take the concept of strip lash looks into a more niche space.  Both styles cater to an audience current on all things trending in the beauty world! 

Giving clients access to lash looks that are specialized, creative, and unique can help you stand out in your market! And both these unique lash styles will be a welcome addition to your portfolio heading into the new year. 

Pro Tips for Angel Lash Sets:

Using .03 lashes will help you customize various effects throughout your lash set. Being the lightest and thinnest lash diameter, you can add more length if necessary for the design without adding too much weight.  These ultra-light, flexible lashes are the perfect diameter for wispy angel lash sets. 

You can create closed spikes - where the tip of the spike comes to a point for a more structured look. Or you can opt for “fluffy” tips on spikes for a softer, wispier look.  Experiment with both styles of spikes to see what works best for your artistry.

  • Keep the thickness of your spikes consistent throughout your sets.

Maintaining a relatively consistent thickness of spike throughout your sets will give more a seamless illusion. If you do want to vary the thickness of your spikes, do so in each layer. An example would be to use thicker spikes on the top layer to give a bolder texture and thinner spikes on the bottom layers to help the top layer spikes stand out. 

Avoid using super thick spikes throughout the design, as the texture will get lost in the density! This is a really common mistake to avoid.  Remember that the “wispy” effect of the angle lash sets relies on the negative space between the lashes to highlight the airiness of the angel lash design. 

Lashing in layers is a core concept to creating wispy, angel lashes! To achieve maximum wispy effect, you should keep your top layer spikes at least 2mm longer than the middle and bottom layers. 

For example: 

Moderate Wispy

8mm on the bottom layer,

9mm on the middle layer

11mm on the top layer 


Super Wispy

7mm on the bottom layer

9mm on the middle layer

12 mm on the top layer

By staggering your lengths, you control how wispy and textured of a set you’re creating! This is a great way to give clients the length they crave without sacrificing the natural lash integrity. 

  • Use one or more curls for even more impact

Angel sets are versatile! You can use a tighter curl on the top layers with less curl on the bottom layers for a high-impact texture. Or keep it all to one curl for a more subtle, natural look. 

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! 

You can execute any number of lash maps and designs with an angel set, don’t be afraid to try new things! Communicate with your clients, and be sure to use reference photos to refine exactly the style your client is looking for. 

Pro Tips for Anime Sets:

  • Remember that less is more!

Crowding the lash line to achieve coverage will often have the opposite effect! Too much coverage will blend together all the beautiful peaks and spikes you are trying to achieve.  Less is always more with anime sets to start with.  Build small sets of peaks around each longer spike and leave other lashes out of the design. This is the hardest part about anime sets! Don’t let your craving for coverage take over. 

  • Most anime lash sets are 100% spikes.

This can feel like a challenge but trust the process! Create the unique anime lash effect by using a variety of lengths in spikes. Remember that closed spikes where the tips meet at a crisp point will give you the most authentic anime lash effect. Wispy spikes tend to diffuse the effect you’re trying to achieve!

  • Lash map each prior to starting. 

Intentional lash design is so important with all sets, but anime sets are not as forgiving as a basic wispy lash set. Both eyes should have the same number of spikes, peaking at the same place on both eyes to create even, symmetrical covers! Don’t think that freestyling will get you there. Using a water-based marker make small dots on the eyelids to help you map each design throughout your workflow. 

We suggest making marks on the eyelids for each peak and mapping on your eye pads to keep track of each length. 

  • Keep your lengths between each peak short.

This is another key factor in making those peaks the focal point of your design.  Too much length will diffuse the peak and erase the animated effect you’re going for. Very short, almost not visible lengths between each peak will give you the desired effect! 

  • Work back and forth between both eyes.

Nothing is harder than trying to work lash-to-lash on one eye at a time on anime lash sets.  Do each peak in symmetry on each eye so you can keep your design balance intact. 

  • Don’t judge your design by the top view, use your lash mirror! 

All textured designs can start to look bananas from the lash artist's view above the eye pads. It can be overwhelming as you second-guess the design! Use your lash mirror to peek at your alignment and placement to get a real look at how your anime lash design is coming along. These sets challenge everything about your artistry from coverage to blending and beyond! Trust the process. 

Well, there you have it lash nerds! We’ve covered the ins and outs of the season's most sought-after lash sets! Where you’re all about that bold manga-inspired doll effect or the soft, seamlessness of an angel set you’ve got the recipe. There’s no doubt that both styles are taking the industry by storm and now is your chance to stand out from the competition by being on the forefront of creative lash design in your area! Remember that when it comes to lash trends, they are what you make it! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to break a few rules. Try out these trends for yourself and see where they take you.  After all, who makes the rules when it comes to creativity?! 

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