Pre-made Volume Fans


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Your craft, our product. Innovative, convenient, high quality, pre-made fans with a snatched base. 💁‍♀️ A worthy addition to your tool kit for beginner and advanced lash nerds alike. Most importantly, you won't believe it's not pro-made! 😉

Let us save you time. It’ll be our little secret. 🤫

facts about this product

☑️ 300 pre-made fans per box 

☑️ mixed length 8mm-12mm

☑️ sharp and bundled base for seamless attachment 

☑️ 2mm base for great retention 

☑️ heat bonded base 

☑️ foil strip with no sticky residue 

☑️ easy removal from lash strip 

☑️ semi - gloss finish 

tips about this product 

💡 lashing from one eye to another will help reduce stickies

💡 coat the entire 2mm base of pre-made fan with adhesive for better retention