How To Find The Right Eyelash Extensions Trainer For You.

How To Find The Right Eyelash Extensions Trainer For You.

What to look for when searching for an eyelash extensions trainer?

Choosing an eyelash extensions trainer takes more than meets the eye. Don’t make a decision before considering the tips below!

First: Do you homework to find out if eyelash extensions is a service for you. If you are looking to add a new service, like Volume, to your menu, be sure to talk to other people in the industry. They are hands-down your BEST resource. Do your homework before diving in.

Next: Do your research! Be sure to research your potential educator to learn about

a) their training style,
b) their training philosophy, and
c) student experiences (always read their reviews!)

Make sure they have a professional web presence – look to their website and comb through their social media to get a sense of their personality. Find someone you vibe with, as you will be spending 2 days with them. People learn best from when they are having fun.

It’s always a party when I train my student!

Finally: Price matters!!! If looks too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true. Make sure you budget an appropriate amount to spend on training, and don’t be tempted by a bargain. The average training prices are around $1200 for group, $1600 for private. Your choice should be based on your learning style—not solely on your budget. Remember: it’s an investment in your skills, helping you to serve your future clients. You’ll want to learn from the best.

I do want to mention one more thing. Don’t be shy to ask some questions and test the water before you decide on an educator. You are about to invest $1000+ of your hard earn money on this person, the least they can do is answer ALL AND ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE. Even a car dealership let you test drive before buying.

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